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Title: A Little Lace

My wife knows I wear panties, and has for some time. She doesn't care, and has said they look cute on me. At least once, she went with me to buy some (very exciting, to say the least).
I have had the desire to move to something a bit more sexy with a little lace, but was afraid of what she might think of it. Most of my cotton panties are just plain panties, and I only have a few pairs that have frilly elastic and a little bow on the waist band. She has accepted these on me as well; but, what about lace? The ones I have bought recently, I have kept hidden from her. So, how to break them out in the open?

My wife is not as petite as she once was, but she still clings to her hi-cut briefs. They just don't look good on her anymore, as they just don't fit right. So, I have been looking at other options for her.

Perfect opportunity. The Hanes 'Elegance' are nylon briefs with lace trim waist band, about 1-1/2" wide, and frilly elastic leg bands. They are packaged in a 5 pack (but I found a bonus pack of 6). They are in soft pastel colors. I bought a package for her, and then a package in my size for myself!

In a private moment, I took the bag to her, and said, "I bought you some new panties; those hi-cuts just don't look good on you anymore", and taking them out of the bag, handed the package to her. She looked at them curiously, smiling. I told her that I knew she didn't usually wear nylon, but would she wear them. She said yes, she would.

I was still holding the plastic shopping bag, and she was looking at it, seeing that there was another package inside. I took them out, saying, "I also got some for myself." She smiled a broad smile, sort of rolling her eyes, and said, "I hope you never get in an accident!". She was still smiling, when she said, "You're getting weird", and she looked at me still grinning.

Later, after I had put them on, I came to her while she was sewing. I pulled my shorts down in front of her and laughed, and turned and modeled front and back. She just smiled and laughed agian, shaking her head.

Finally, I don't have to hide the lace anymore, and I feel free to buy more in the future!

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