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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Same Panties

Had a wonderful weekend. I went shopping for some new panties at my favorite store Victoria Secret.
I had been thinking about it for a few days. So I planned my outting for Sunday. This would get me excited with anticipation.

When the day arrived I first took a long refreshing bath to relax me and had a glass of wine. I got dressed in a pair of Victoria Secret lace and satin hiphuggers pink in color. The satin is in front and lace in back. I then slid into a pair of suntan color pantyhose. I finished dressing with a pair of Blue London stretch womens jeans and a white cami under my shirt.

Upon entering the store I couldn't wait to start looking. I yet have had the nerve to try anything in the store but maybe that day will come. I made my selection of six pairs of panties and went to the counter to pay. While standing in line I noticed the young lady in front of me had chosen four out of the six I had selected. She was also wearing the same pair of jeans I was.

This was getting me more excited knowing this young women and I had similar taste. While waiting she began to look in her purse for something. While doing so she dropped her keys. As she squatted down to pick them up her jeans rode down and her blouse rode up revealing that she was wearing the same panties I had on. This got me very excited and I began to wonder how many other women out there where wearing the same panties as me on any given day, since I wear panties 24/7 365.

I left the store walking back to my car I was looking at the women I passed and wondered if they had the same panties on that I did. I rushed home with anticipation to try on my new panties. I began thinking about the store, the women on the street that I passed and the young women who dropped her keys. I was so excited made that when I try on my third pair I had to cum.

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