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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping Fantasy

My fantasy is to go girlie clothes shopping with my wife. We start out with me in my normal clothes except for the panties that I always wear. She takes me to La Vie en Rose for a corset. She makes me stand while she holds it up and checks it out. Then she tells me to go into the change room and try it on. I can't pull it tight properly so I ask for her help but she has wandered away. One of the clerks helps. She runs her hands all over it "to make sure it fits properly". After that I start to take it off but my wife orders me to keep it on. She picks out a garter belt and stockings and tells me to go into the changing room and put them on too.
Next we go to the shoe store - Payless because they have my size. She picks out some sexy 4 inch heels and has me put them on and walk around for her. They fit so she decides to take them. I'm all ready to pull them off but she reaches down and pulls the tags off and demands that I leave them on. She brings me with her to the counter to pay. I get the knowing smirk from the salesperson and blush totally red.

After that its to a unisex clothing store. A male clerk asks if he can help and my wife tells him that she needs a sexy skirt and that it is to go with my shoes. He laughs but takes me along to show me some. He shows us some cute blouses as well. My wife collects a few skirts and some blouses and asks where I can try them on. He takes us to the back and shows me into a changing room but can only give me one skirt and one top at a time - store rules. My wife tells me to try them on and come out to show her. I do but again she has wandered off. The clerk tells me that they look nice and but says I should try some others. He takes me in front of the mirror, stands close behind me and reaches around to the other skirts, then the other tops up in front of me, "accidentally" brushing my clittie and my breasts in the process. My wife comes back and comments that the clothes look good but the two of us really look sweet together. He leans in close and I can feel his hard cock against me.

She asks him when he gets off and if he would join us for drinks. He agrees. That's a whole other fantasy.

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