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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Changing Room

Wow what a day that was, I went shopping with my wife, we were leaving on for vacation later that evening and we were running late. She decided that we need to go last minute shopping and we went to Century 21 department stores. I decided to shop a little two and found some great jeans and a bathing suite. Back then I was wearing panties with her approval on and off. This particular day I did not even think of what I was wearing under my jeans. I went to the fitting room and it was an open format type with a security guard seat in there as well. Next to me was a very hot guy changing as well as a few others not my type black guys. I always try to sneak a peak to see what type of undies they wear and in the fitting room there was no need to peak. All the mirrors are along the walls with no dividers.. Well anyway I removed my shoes and dropped my pants while looking over at one of the hot guy's who was wearing 2xist jock and I was so concentrating on what he was wearing if had forgotten I was wearing silky pink flowered bikini style undies. All four of the guys had scene what I was wearing as I quickly tried to pull the new jeans up. Well this was one crazy scene. Now I decided to walk out with the new jeans on and show my wife how they fit and my face was still very beat red and flush. She asked what was wrong and I told her I would explain later. Now I had to go back in the room and change back into my jeans, and the security guard and one guy remained in the room. I can tell they were waiting for my show again. I decided just to go ahead and just change and not kelp eye contact.
Any way on the way out was at the check out counter and I heard this male voice behind us whispering to his girlfriend that the guy in front of them (me) wears panties. Then a loud giggle. I told my wife in the car and she found it very exciting and suggested that we shop there more often, and that I was to always were the frilliest panties I own.

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