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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Going Dressed

Well for me, I love to shop for my lingerie. I have been for years and just love to see the expression of the sales clerk when they ask if I need help and I tell them I need some new panty's. I tell them the size, color and mood that I am in for. Nearly all the time the women are very helpful.
I am not a small person. I wear a 42c bra. Panties range anywhere from size 7 in a bikini type panty up to size 10 or 11 in a full panty brief (depending on the material). I've been into many store's fully dressed and I do not pass as a woman. I am all man, just dressed completely in womens clothing. I love the feel of it all.

I sometimes go into Lane Bryant to check out there panties and maybe buy a new garter belt. This one time recently I went in wearing a lacey white garter belt to hold up my black stockings. Matching white lacey bra and panties. Lacey white cami-sole and half slip along with a grey mini skirt and a white V neck lite sweater/top. To finish off the outfit I had on a pair of high heels.

As I walked into this store for the first time, the lady's were a bit suprised. I walked right in and looked around till I found the lingerie section and then proceeded to look thru the items. I was asked if I needed any help and I said no thank you, I know what I am after. When I was sure that both of the lady's were at the checkout counter and looking my way, I stooped over to look at an item on a bottom rack. This caused my skirt to raise up and reveal my lacey slip, top of my stockings and garters holding my stockings and that cute little area of my panties right where the cotton lining is sewn in (at the based of the butt cheeks. I heard them gasp a little then giggle, I know they got an eyeful.

Well, I could go on and on about my shopping experience's but I'll leave you with this. Just do it. If it feels good, do it. don't hide your desire from your wife or girl friend. Be upfront about what you like to do and go for it. Until another time. Enjoy and take care.

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