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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Another Guy Shopping

Yesterday I stopped at Wal Mart to buy some new Hanes Her Way satin panties in a pretty color / pattern as a pick me up. While standing in the racks of panties, another guy stepped in next to me and looked me and the rack over. He also noticed what I was holding, a HHW 3 pack in purple print and solid light purple. He asked if those were for me or a friend, without thinking I said for me and he smiled and said that he was also looking for himself. We talked, and he took the pink print package of HHW satin also. We both went to the check-out togeather, paid for our new panties then went out to the parking lot, still talking. We decided to meet at his home and talk over coffee. As we talked, we both became more comfortable with each other and then he offered to show me his collection (btw, we are both the same size) of lingerie. As we looked things over, he offered to let me try on outfits, well, after his helping me dress in a sexy bra, panty, garterbelt/stocking and robe outfit, he started kissing me. One thing led to another and we made love on his bed. It was fantastic, he then got up, dressed himself in an outfit like mine, and we went at it again. When it was time for me to leave, he let me wear my new outfit home with the promise I would wear it again for him soon. I know for sure I will be calling him next saturday and see if we can meet for coffee again.......I hope.

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