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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: New Adult Store

I was in Ct about two years ago. There was a new adult store that had just opened. It was In a really good area at a bad location. The owner was female and so was the sales girl. I walked around the store I was the only one there. The sales girl was shy but the owner wanted a sale. She walked up to me and asked what I was lookin for. I told her I was just lookin. The owner then said well what are you into. I then got shy and said not much just looking. She really wanted a sale so I walked into the lingere area. Remember I was 19 years old and the 40 somthing store owner saw dollar signs on me. I located the shiny stripper panties. She said what size are you looking for. I said 8 i think. I wasn't sure if she knew I was buying for myself. She then said I don't think you are a size 8. I got reallly embarrased. next thing I know she was pulling down every size 8 she had. I said i like the shiny full bikinis. She had me feeling them and touching them. I was so embarrased and exicted at the same time. So anyway She handed me a bright green pair in 8 and a yellow pair in yellow. she said I don't have changing rooms yet but you can go into the back. this was a big store with not much inside yet. The other girl told her she had a phone call. The owner pointed into the back. I opened the door and walked in. It looked like the place was a old resturant. There was boxes of merchandise open but not on the shelf. I almost chickened out. but i took off my shoes, pants then boxers. I slid on the green satin spandex panties. I was completely hard and couldn't belive what I was doing. But the owner made me feel like I had to try them on and I had to buy somthing. I looked at a mirror on the door I came in and saw myself in the super hot panties. It just seemed way weird. I walted to rub one out but I was scared. I kept them on and got dressed. I walked out and the owner quickly got off the phone. She asked me how did they fit. I said really good. just then the owner called the sales girl over and said look in the boxes in the back and see if there are any more size 8s in the roca wear stripper panties. I was still holding the yellow pair. the sales girl was super hot 20 something. She went to the back. The owner said well I am glad we found you somthing. The young sales girl came back out with a white pair and handed them to me. The owner told me to try them on. I told her I needed to get on my way. The sales girl rang me out and I barley made it to my hotel. I went back a few months later and the buisness was gone. It was my first and most memorable time buying panties.

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