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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Walmart Self Checkout

ok, i've got a story from just the other night. my wife is out of town, so i wanted to try the self-checkout thing over at walmart that i've heard about from you lovely ladies here on men wearing panties club. so i went in, shopped around, and actually had a nice little stash going: a pair of black 2" heeled sandals, a pair of stockings, and a pink satin corset/cami thing (on sale even!). my last stop was the makeup aisle; i've been wanting some of my own for a while now.
so i'm over there trying to quickly just grab a couple of things, throw them in my basket and run, but of course i'm not too familiar with the makeup aisle at walmart to say the least! so i get a lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow. but while i'm doing that there are a couple of ladies nearby and i hear whispering. i look over and they see me and quickly glance away. i think i heard something along the lines of "are you going to look fabulous honey" or something like that; i thought about it afterward and i kind of wish i'd stopped to talk to them, you know maybe gotten makeup tips or something, but i guess i wasn't sure whether they were really talking to me and of course there was that instinct to just get the hell out of the makeup aisle! when you're buying panties you can pretend they're for someone else, but i don't think it's too common for guys to buy makeup for their wives/girlfriends!

so anyway i get the hell out of there, make my way over to the self-checkout, and am relieved that there's no line where anyone else will see me and my stash. scan the items, throw them in the bag, and i'm ready to go. all safe and clear, right? not!!!

because the lipstip, eyeshadow, etc. are so small it didn't know i'd bagged them and i had to push a button to say i'd put them in the bag. when i go to checkout it says "need approval for manually bagged items" or something like that. so just as i think i'm in the clear, the lady working the self-checkout area has to come over, go through my entire purchase, including opening up the shoebox to see that there's nothing else in there besides my new high heels!

well she didn't bat an eyelash, hardly said a thing, just helped me finish and get on my way. you can probably imagine how fast i got out of there and drove away! but all in all i guess it was pretty exciting, i probably even wet my panties a little! my only regret is not talking to the two ladies who were making fun of me in the makeup aisle, like i said maybe i could have gotten some tips from them, because i now know, eye makeup is kind of a bitch to learn to put on ... and take off!

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