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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Teddie Fitting

For years I have been buying my "girly stuff" at department stores off the rack. I run into problems when buying nighties or teddies,etc. I am NOT shaped like a woman,so when I get a size that fits my shoulders and my ass,the bra cups are way too big and empty. So I get the bright idea to go to V. S. because they specialize in this kind of stuff, and surely they would have my size. I'm in there looking around and holding up things checking the sizes when this hot little sales girl walks up to me and asks if I need help finding something. I told her I was looking for a 1 piece teddy in an unusual size. It had to be large through the middle and the behind but smaller in the breast. She looked me right in the eye and said" Is this for you?" Totally shocked by this, I gave a quick glance around the store and simply said yes. She smiled at me and picked up a teddie and told me to try it on. As she led me to the dressing room I got so hard I thought I'd bust my jeans! It didn"t fit, so she gave me another and said put this on and come out so I can look at it. That really blew my mind and I almost ran out of there, but I had gone this far, there was no sense turning back now. I went in and put that one on but it still wasn"t right. The bra cups were still too big. I took a couple deep breaths and stepped out of the dressing room and the girl was right there. But now there were two of them!! I was passed embarassment now I just said what do you think? She told me to turn around and both of them were pulling on the teddie talking about the fit and decided exactly what size I needed One of them handed me another teddie and I went and put it on. It fit me perfectly!!! I put my clothes on over top of the teddie and came back out and told them it fit me and I'll take it. They noticed I didn"t have it in my hand and they smiled at eachother. One of them gave me a wink and we headed for the cash register. I was so turned on by this ordeal I creamed my jeans on the way to the car.

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