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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Friendly Sales Girl

I recently had a great experience at a private (non-chain / non-franchise) store. I was traveling for work and did a little research on local lingerie shops. I came across a review that said the store was TG friendly etc and who to ask for there.
I didn't have a whole lot of time when I arrived. A clerk at the counter asked if I needed help or was looking for anything in general. I winked at her and said that I was just looking for now.

So I found a garter and skirt and went up to the counter and asked her how the sizes ran. She hesitated and said "I don't know how to phrase this... but are these things for you?" What a rush! I nodded yes and she directed me where to try on. Thank goodness I did, because the garter belt that I had was waaaayyyyyy too small, even though it said XL - I'm wondering if it wasn't mislabeled XL when in fact it was XS.

I ended buying the skirt and thanked her for being so cool with me. I asked if she was the person mentioned in the review and she said she was. There was also some fetish and bondage stuff there in the store. Before I left she said she does makeup sessions and photography sessions and to give her a call sometime. So anyhow, I got to thinking about it all after the fact and I got to wondering if she was also a Domme.

I called the store and asked for her a few days later. I forgot how I brought it up, but I asked if she was a Domme. She chuckled / giggled a little bit and said "why do you ask?" I told her I wouldn't mind dipping my toe in the water a little, so to speak (I wouldn't mind giving it a try, but not so much for any pain, but more sensual domination / strap-on etc). She replied that she only talked about those things in person and not over the phone. I might have to go back to that city in a few weeks. I will for sure be stopping back to shop and who knows what else? I am finally living a dream that to this point I have only heard others talk about. Now if she will give me her opinion on how stuff fits..

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