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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Dollar Store

I pop into our local ?Dollar Store? quite often. The stock changes day to day and they normally have some very interesting panties. These are usually mis-sized but careful comparison will let you know if you are in the ball park.
This visit, I found some sheer nylon thongs in my size ( I hoped) – a pink pair and a black pair. I am not a fan of thongs, but at a buck apiece I thought I would give them a try.

There was a middle aged woman at the cash as I came up and the normally busy store was empty. As she rang them in, she commented, probably joking ? I hope these fit you?

I replied: ? They are an odd ball size, but they look like a large which is my normal size?

She gave a little gasp, blushed noticeably and stammered out ? they, they are for you!?

? Certainly?, I replied. ?I normally prefer briefs but I thought I would give the thongs a try.?

She blushed again, and breathed ? that?s very interesting?.

I looked her in they eye and asked ? Do you find it exciting that I wear panties??

She was starting to breathe faster and almost moaned ?yes?

? Are you picturing my cock encased in the slippery nylon??

Another moaned affirmative.

?Can you imagine what it would feel like to run your hands over it??

She whispered ?yes?

The area was still empty, so I leaned on the counter to get closer. My hand wrapped around the far side of the counter, and as I was talking to her, she moved her crotch up to rub on it. I obligingly stuck out a couple of fingers and started to wiggle them while describing the panties I was wearing and how they felt. She must have been really wound up, because after about 45 seconds, she suddenly gripped my fingers with her thighs, went absolutely rigid and flushed almost crimson. This lasted for hours it seemed, but was probably around 10 seconds before she slumped against my hand.

?That was the wildest thing I have ever done?, she finally managed to say. ? Thank you- it was a great cum! But what about you??

I replied? Well, tonight around 10:30 I?ll be in bed rubbing myself through my panties and thinking about you. It would really turn me on if you were to do the same. Of course, I would need to know what panties you are wearing now..?

She thought a second and came back- ?white briefs?

?And the material?? I asked.

?Cotton? she replied.

? Very sensible, but on you, also very sexy!?

She blushed, gave a little grin and said ? my ex never thought so?

? He was obviously a fool!?

I could see a mother and small child heading for the checkout and decided it was time to go.

?10:30 tonight? You won?t forget??

She laughed and said ? I definitely won?t forget that!?

We smiled at each other as I went out the door.

? This has real promise? I thought.

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