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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Cathrine's

Well I finally did it. After reading all of these stories I decided it was time to actually buy clothes off the rack instead of from a catalog. I put my happy face on and walked confidently into the store. A quick look around and surprise, I was the only male in the women's apparel store. I selected a clerk that appeared friendly, approached, and asked if she could help me. She asked what I needed help with. I looked her in the eye and clearly stated "I am looking for a dress for myself, would you mind helping me". She said of course I would love to help. So I described the dress I wanted, something classy, that showed some leg, in a style that was not too sexy, nor too dowdy. After looking over a couple of selections she pulled out a blue sequined jacket and dress that was just gorgeous. I asked if I could try it on, and here is the funny part, she got flustered and nervous, and said ordinarily it would not be a problem, but at this time there was too many women in the store, and she did want to embarass them or me. I bought two outfits in different sizes and took them right home to try on. After I found the right size, I returned the larger size back within an hour. She smiled warmly when I returned and gladly rang up the credit. I thanked her for being so friendly and accomadating, she said no problem, I would be glad to help you anytime. I then looked at rings (large sizes are hard to find)and found some that I liked and also a large necklace to compliment the outfit I had just bought. I asked whem I could come back and try clothes on in the store and she gave me some days and times. I know I could have fought this and asked to be treated as anyone else shopping, but I realize some women are very uncomfortable with males in dressing rooms and it could affect her business. I was happy to find a place right off the bat that was understanding and helpful, and decided that today a half loaf was better then a full loaf. Attitude is everything. As I get in touch with my feminine side I realize many personal issues are related to my crossdressing. As I become more open and honest with myself and the ones I love, I realize that my clouds are disappearing and I am HAPPY and more outgoing. I really do not care any more that people may think that I am a pervert or gay. I am getting in touch with myself and love me more and more everday. This has allowed me to love everyone else more and is reflected in my attitude. People respond to happy people better then when we hide and sneak. Be true to yourself. I can not believe this is me. Thank you all in the TV CD community for helping me understand that we are good people with good hearts who only want to express their feminine side. Love you all!!!

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