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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Thirft Store

I'm naive and live in a world of small potatoes. Although I occasionally think about it, I don't want to end up fucking anyone but my wife. So far I've been successful by satisfying my sex addiction through panty escapades. I spend a lot of time going into thrift stores, putting on a panty and then presenting the tag to the cashier. It is erotic to me when I indirectly tell them I am wearing a panty. I've been doing this for years, but it wasn't until about 36 hours ago that I experienced the most erotic event of my life.
As I drove down the highway passing through a small town I noticed a small thrift store that I had passed on a number of occasions in the past. I thought I would stop and just have a quick look. I'm 54, and the owner, a nice looking hospitable single woman was a little younger than me. The conversation easily flowed between us and we were the only people in the store. I could sense that she was not adverse to my intense interest in her panties and bras. It was just a small hole in the wall and obviously had no dressing room. But after paying her for a couple panties and a bra, I made my interest more clear by asking her if she had a dressing room that I could change in. She replied that she would put up a curtain. As she began tyeing a sheet across one of the two short isles, I quickly started removing my cloths while she could still see me. It didn't bother her in the least. I noticed when I exited the curtained area that she was looking to see if I still had the purchased panties in my hand or if I ad put them on, which I did. She then informed me that she would look for more panties to add to her inventory and that I should stop in again.

I returned the next day to give her $5 to hold a teddy for me should she find one. While there I said I might as well take another quick look through the undies. With no other customers in the store, she sat a few feet from me while we engaged in easy conversation. At the same time I browsed the bra basket. Then somehow I spontaneously removed my shirt, exposing my bra and began trying on her bras. Without missing a beat we continued the conversation and she would tell me weather or not the bras looked good on me as I put them on. So far this was clearly the most exciting panty escapade I had ever engaged in. I was quietly going out of my mind with sexual arousal. After a few minutes of this I centered my browsing in the panty basket, still standing there in just my pants and a bra. Then again spontaneously I asked her if she would mind if I slipped on one of the panties. I assured her if someone started coming through the door I would get my cloths on in good time. To my delight she said "no problem" and then walked over to the window to watch for customers, still well within view of me. Very quickly I had nothing on but a bra, garter belt and stockings. She then exclaimed that she didn't know that I was wearing stockings. I think she liked it. I put on a semi see through panty and I stood before her in all snow white undies. I tried not to show my excitement but I was having trouble catching my breath. I asked her if she had a mirror, and she grabbed a 2 by 2 mirror, stood about 5 feet from me and held it so I could see myself. I looked so hot. I am overweight and my boobs filled the bra perfectly. She even commented that the bra looked especially good. No doubt I will be stopping at her thrift shop again.

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