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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Exposure At Store

I had to go to the pet store the other day and when I walked in I noticed that there were only about two other customers there, but there were five very cute girls working at the cash register and stocking shelves. As I was walking down the isle there was a really cute girl with blond hair coming up the the other direction with a shopping cart of items to put on the shelves. She asked if I needed any help and I told her I didn?t. As I said that I bent down to look at some items on the lowest shelf. As I bent down I could feel my shirt ride up a little and my pants ride down a little, and I knew that about two inches of the pink and white nylon panties I was wearing were clearly visible. The girl started moving her cart past me and started smiling really big. As soon as she passed me she let go of her cart and hurried off to another part of the store. I could see her kind of trying to supress a laugh as she hurried off and I was sure that she had seen my panties.
I stayed bent down looking at the items on the lower shelf and not more than five seconds later another really cute girl (a brunette this time) came almost running around the corner from the direction where the other girl had left. She had a huge grin on her face and was almost laughing. I don't think she realized how close to the end of the isle I was and she stopped suddenly about four feet from me. Her eyes went immediately to my backside and she almost could not supress her laugh. I had been looking over my shoulder when she came around the corner so she immediately looked at me and asked if she could help me find anything. I told her no thanks, I was fine and she said ok and immediately turned around and went back the way she came, grinning like crazy the whole time. It was SO obvious that the blonde girl had run off and told her and that she had come running to see for herself.

So a few seconds later the blonde AND the brunette come back over to the cart that the blond had left and start putting things on the shelf together. They were about 20 feet away from me and I had turned so my back was to them so they had a clear view of my panties the whole time. I could not hear their conversation but it was I could tell that both of them were looking at me and that they were laughing together about my panties.

After a little while the brunette girl leaves and I wonder if she is running off to tell the other girls in the store. Turns out she was! After awhile the blond left to go do do something else and after a few minutes I decided to get up and head to the checkout lane. As I started getting close to the checkout I saw that the brunette was talking to the checkout girl (who was also really cute). The brunette was talking really animatedly and as soon as she looked over and saw me I could tell from the look on her face that she had been telling the checkout girl about me. As I got closer the brunette got up and started walking away. As she walked passed me she was grinning like crazy and when she got behind me she turned and called the girls name at the checkout. I didn?t turn around but I could sort of feel her motioning behind me, trying to indicate to the checkout girl that "this is him!".

At the checkout there was one person in front of me with a bunch of items. While I was standing there waiting I looked around the store behind me and several yards away I saw the brunette step out from behind another isle looking right at me. It was really obvious that she was looking to see if I was still there. She ducked back behind the isle and three seconds later a different girl (again, very cute), stepped out from behind the isle looking right at me. It was really, really obvious that the brunette had gone over and was telling the other girl about me.

So there I am in line with this girl running around the store with a huge grin telling all these cute workers about my panties. I mean it was so obvious, she was almost causing a spectical!

As I paid for my item the cashier kind of smiled but really didn?t make a big deal out of it like the blond and the brunette did. I finally finished paying and left the store. It was a really exillerating experience!

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