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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: First Bra Shopping

Here is another shopping experience. To set the scene, I was out in another city and wearing dress pants and a summer white casual dress shirt, not too thin but nice. I thought I would stop in the local mall and kill some time and shop around a little bit. I looked around for a while and went into the Macys store and wandered back to the lingerie dept. where 2 women were working. One was an older, about 50 and the other im guessing about 30. Ms 30 asked me if I needed any help and I said no, just looking, the more time I spent, the more intent I was trying to find the right bra. I was holding them up, checking straps, hooks, cups etc just like a serious woman shopper and im sure this was not normal for a man to shop like this. 'She asked me a time or two more and I said just looking. After about 15 minutes, she came back to me and asked again, this time I was prepared. I said, (well I dont want to scare you or offend you but, I think I really want to start wearing a bra, I have been doing a little research on men wearing bras and I think I want to try. I have really never had the nerve to ask till now, but was wondering if that would be ok with you. If it is a problem, I can try another store, but I think you have what I need here.) She paused for a second and said, well I will try to help.
She asked me if I knew what size, style and all the details for picking out the right bra. As we talked for a couple of minutes and wanting to make the best of the time I had and the excitement and finding a sales agent that was really interested in helping me, I told her I think I was about a 40b. Knowing there are not a lot of choices in that size, we spent some time looking. We found a few and she gave me the details on how they may work for me. Typical details that women are concerned about, like straps too thin that dig in to your shoulders, cups that dont lay right, etc. As we were walking to different racks, I asked her if she was ok with all this and I knew it might be a little weird, but I really thanked her for her help with my first experience in bra shopping. She just smilled and said, its not real common but they have had a couple of men she knew they were shopping for themselves and since they were slow, dont worry about it, She directed me back to one of the racks behind the wall and got a tape and told me to lift my arms. She put the tape around me and took the measurements. She said I think your right, I think you do need a 40b.

We found 3 bras in differrent styles and as we were standing there, she said, slip into the dressing room and try them on. I said are you sure its ok. She didnt worry about it and opened the door. As I was trying them on, I was thinking how great this is on a first time try on. She came back and asked if I was ok and needed any help, I told her I think I found one that I really like and fits great. She said step out and let me see. So I did. She had a unique look on her face, but she put her fingers under my straps and felt for tightness and adjusted the shoulder straps for a great fit. She asked me how I like it and how it fits and was it comfortable enough. She said remember, you're in a bra for hours and it needs to be comfy enough for all day wear. So I said yes I think so. She asked me if I wanted more just like it and maybe in some different colors etc. They were buy one get the second half off if thats what I wanted. I told her that I wanted the white and I thought I saw a blue one that was pretty. I then said, what do you think of going to a c cup, I know it sounds like im trying to show off, but explained that there were a lot more choices in that size. She agreed and said. lets look. I took off the bra and put my shirt back on and she laid them on the register counter. We went to the sale rack where they had a lot of 40c, again, she asked about color and style etc. I pick out 2, one was bright pink.

We walked back to the dressing room where I tried on the 2 bras, she asked how they felt, and I told her they fit really well but a c cup was too much projection to wear out.

While wearing the pink bra, she did comment that it did look better having more bust considering my frame size, she kinda smiled and said, well for girls anyway. I just laughed and said maybe a little later, I might go to a bigger size. The SA said well its up to you but its been maked down 3 times, it only $5.99. I said sure. So I was getting ready to go back into the dressing room, I stopped and asked her if I could put the white bra back on and wear it home. She paused for a second, she said are you ok with that, I said well, I think so, I have been wanting to wear a bra for a long time and now is a good time to start. She went back to the register and got it, and handed it to me while she was taking off the tag. I stepped back into the dressing room, put on the bra, put on my shirt. Went to the register. She kinda stared at my chest and she said are you sure your ok with the bra, I can see it under your shirt. especially the red bow on the front, it looks like you have a stain in the front of your shirt, I walked over to the mirror and checked myself out and she stood behind me, while I was looking at the bow, she said turn around, the straps on your back are a little visible also, so im checking out myself and smiled and said, im ok with that.

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