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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Expressing My Fem Side

I have really wanted to express my feminine side this week, so after finishing work today, I decided a little ?self pampering? was just what the doctor ordered. Lucky for me, I worked out of town today so after leaving work early, I decided to reward myself by going shopping for some much needed womanly attire.
In anticipation of my little shopping trip, I left work early and stopped by the mall. It felt so wonderful just to walk in and begin browsing all the womanly things that a mall has to offer and all the while I was realizing why some women dearly love to shop. I just could not resist myself.

I went into so many stores, which sold woman?s clothing and spent the whole afternoon just browsing through the women?s lingerie, touching and feeling each garment that caught my eye all the while quenching my weeklong feminine desires.

Even though I?m just into panties and sleepwear for women, I browsed all afternoon and had several women approach me and ask if I needed some help. I wanted to tell them yes and strike up a conversation which would lead to me revealing my feminine desires, but I politely told them no and continued on my way. I wish I had some juicy stories to tell, but today just wasn?t the day.

For one of the first times in my life, I just didn?t care if anyone knew I was shopping for myself. Every time I went to the checkout counter with a purchase, I would look each cashier in the eyes and make small talk with them, just hoping they would ask if the panties I purchased were for me. However, my desires did not come true, but I figure, ?Hey, there?s always a next time?.

Toward the end of the day, I happened in JC Penny and wound up buying two pair of the prettiest lace, Ambrielle Mystique Boy shorts that I?ve ever seen. The first pair was mauve dust and the second pair was black. I also purchased a cool white lace pair of hipsters that I have on now as I sit in front of the computer typing this story. I feel so sexy in them as I run my fingers across the lacey front and they are some of the most comfortable panties that I have every worn.

I finished my shopping spree by going into Belks and buying pair of red lace boy shorts with a red ?bow-flower? on the front, a pair of sheer black lace panties and a pair of pink silk thongs with black lace borders. All of them have a little black bow in the front and I can?t wait to wear them to work next week.

On my way out, I couldn?t help but stop by Bath and Body Works and buy a couple of bottles of my favorite, Cherry Blossom Body Lotion.

Needless to say, I was very excited when I got home. I immediately checked my mailbox in anticipation of the delivery of some lace thongs, which I ordered. However, once again to my dismay, they have not arrived.

Afterward, I rushed into the bathroom and began trying on my purchases while I began drawing a warm bubble bath. After soaking for what seemed to be an hour, I positioned the jets in the tub at just the right angle so I could give my derriere a good long hot soaking massage.

After getting out of the tub, I covered my body in lotion, applied my lipstick and make-up and I plan on surfing the net for a little while in my lace hipsters.

Hopefully, after a couple glasses of merlot, I will finish the evening off by massaging myself and cleaning up the mess with my mouth and tongue afterward. Oh yea, by the way, if you come to the door don?t expect me to answer. I?m having a feminine night all to myself!

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