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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Private Dressing Room

Last night I went to the mall late, around eight thirty. The lingerie section was empty and I started looking around. As usual the clerk asked if she could help. She was a pretty red head with a a silk top that showed her bra and nipples. I told her I wanted to explore a fetish and was it alright if I shopped there for myself. She said it would be fine but I would have to use the private dressing room they had. She said they had some special clients who have "professional shoppers". I didn't understand that but said fine. We talked about what would fit well and I was getting so turned on. At one point she got on her knees to look at some sizes and I wanted to lift up her skirt and be her lover right there. With some panties in hand she led me to a dressing room in a little out of the way area. She told me I should see how these sizes fit and that she would keep looking and be right back. I stripped down and put on a pair of light blue, but totally see through boy cut panties. I was so hot inside. My cock was bulging and I might as well have had nothing on at all. She came back and had some more things and I could see her through the slats in the door. She could have handed them over the door, but asked how things were fitting. I said really well and asked if I could have her opinion. She said yes and I opened the door and turned to model for her. My heart was racing. She didn't flinch when she looked down and saw me in these see through panties. She said they looked great. She gave me a little lace skirt and said she wanted to see me in that. When I had it on someone else came back to the door and it was her assiatant. She asked how the skirt fit. I opened the door and she asked if I minded that she help too and I did not object. The skirt was short and my cock pushed up the fabric a little and she could see it's shape and even see through the lace. She looked at me and said she liked it and that she would look for some more things. She pulled the door closed but not all the way. I was so stunned. The mirror in the dressing room was situated so that she could see me through the crack in the door. I took it as a signal to really model for her and stripped naked. My cock was almost hard. I turned so that when she came back she would see me looking at a tag, preparing to put on some panties. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her looking through a rack of panties but looking at me in the dressing room. I pretended not to see her walk back and had my arms up, adjusting a hanger when she pushed the door open. She said, "Oh, excuse me" I said "It's alright" and took the panties from her. She relaxed and commented on how sexy the micro fiber on them was. I was in heaven. Standing in a privets dressing room naked with a little pixie blond sales clerk. She handed them to me and said the store was empty and they had inventory to do so I could walk out to the bigger mirror if I wanted to. I put on the panties right in front of her and she admired them. I had to put my cock up to the side because they were small panties. Then she said "I wish I had a roomate like you. The guy who I rent with is an older guy and is an uptight Christian. With you we could all walk around in our underwear". We laughed and I told her that if he ever moves out to call me. She said I should shop there again and ask her then. I said I would come by again if I saw her and her boss were working. She said they would be thinking of things for me to wear. When I got home I layed out my purchases on the bed and tried them all on again. I fantasized that I was dressed in a little slip taking turns servicing my sales ladies with my mouth. I would be on my knees as they sat in the dressing room with their skirts pulled up as I licked them.

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