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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: The Drive Home

It was a long drive back after the holidays. I've done the drive too many times to count now, and each time I notice a few more "adult superstores" along the way. I stopped at one once, probably 25 years ago before I was married. I bought a few things, including a butt plug with a horse tail attached. I had never done any sort of anal play but the longer I lived alone, the more I played around. Long story short, I had fun with it. But about a year later when I was driving home to get married, I threw out all my toys and lingerie in a garbage can at some rest stop.
My divorce was final a few months ago. And this time on the drive, I was about 2 hours from home and saw a store in the middle of nowhere. Looked sort of run down, an old house maybe? One that had been added on to a few times. Maybe was a dive bar at some point? Had that look to it. Just my style. I couldn't help myself, I started thinking about that horsetail and I pulled in.

There were a few cars in the lot but I didn't see anyone shopping when I walked in. The clerk was a woman, which threw me. I thought I'd lose my nerve, but decided just to look around anyway.

She looked older than me, or maybe just had a hard life. She was on the phone and her voice was rough, I figured too much smoking or whiskey. or both? Pretty eyes, grey, still sharp. Long dark hair. I looked away before I got caught staring at her. Or more likely before I completely lost my nerve. As I started to wander I wondered what a girl like her was doing in place like this.

As I tried not to look too interested in anything too kinky (why? I have no idea) I poked around in some of the clothing, nothing interesting there - I had a fair collection of panties since my wife had left. Internet mainly. Mail order.

And then I saw it. A horsetail, just like the one I had before. I giggled when I saw it. I picked one p but then set it down again. I wandered around more but kept thinking about it, finally deciding I' never see this girl again, who cared what she thought and besides, I'll bet this wouldn't even rank on her list of top 100 strange things she's seen. I went back and picked it up. As I walked around with it I felt bolder. I decided it was time for some thigh highs too. Sheer black. I loved the way thigh highs framed my panties back when I was younger. I was enjoying this.

DVDs were new. Well, since I had been to one of these places anyway. they had hundreds of them. I started looking for fem dom titles, or something involving crossdressing, or submissive women. Or anything else that caught my eye. One cover shot showed a woman in a french maid's costume with frilly panties. I had never really been into those, but for some reason they looked fun. I decided to go see what they cost and maybe get some, then get on my way.

I found a pair I thought would fit me, pink satin with white ruffles on the butt. Perfect.

She was still on the phone when I got up to the counter. "... absolutely the worst line ever" she said while looking right at me. her eyes... I totally lost my nerve when she looked at me. "Gotta go, I'll see ya tonight."

She hung the phone and I tried to regain my composure. "I'll bet you hear a lot of pick up lines here" I said, trying to act cool. "So what's the worst one ever?"

She was already rinign up my stuff.

"Are you experienced with this?" she said.

I laughed, and it sounded a lot more nervous than confident. "Ah... I'll bet you get versions of that one pretty often."

She looked up. "No, I mean are you experienced with this - this dvd. french maids. The owner gives discounts to guys who clean her apartment dressed up in outfits like this."

I stammered. "Uh, well, no, not really. experienced. I don't have a french maid costume in fact"

"She'd give you a deal on one I'm sure. And if you got the rhumba panties with the open back you can use the tail t the same time. she likes that kind of thing. Unless this isn't for you of course"

"I, ah, yeah, I'm not from around here so I'll have to pass i guess."

She smiled. "I don't mean to embarrass you, her place is right upstairs."

I was still trying to be cool through all of this and stupidly tried to make small talk. "Oh, right upstairs, she lives here?"

"No, she stays here sometimes, it's more of an apartment she hangs out at sometimes. I can see if she's around if you want."

"Um, no, thanks."

"It's alright" Her laugh was so sexy... "Lord knows I've worn strange things to make a buck. No harm in that. Lots of guys like to be seen in this stuff, I'm just sayin. I think she'd like you."

"Um, thanks... I'll keep that in mind." I started to hand her my credit card, then decided to pay cash.

She handed me my change. "Have fun, give us a call if you want to arrange something. Are you sure you don't want me to call Cindy?"

"No, no that's fine. I don't live near here anyway. thanks, see ya..."

As I headed for the door she laughed again.

"You'll be back..."

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