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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Sears Purchase

Sears had some lovely Enchanting panties 3 for $15. I picked up one hipster pair and two satin boyshorts and headed for the register.
The cashier was a beautiful blonde with a fake tan. She rang up the purchases without incident or question, though she did ask if I needed a gift receipt and I did not. I paid with a Christmas Visa gift card and then went to the gym.

After my workout I went back to the car and contemplated my new panties in my car. I decided I didn't like the boyshorts and that they were too small. I drove back to Sears to return them. My dear blonde cashier was still there. I handed her the bag and said I was returning the panties. She asked why and I said, "Too small."

She inadvertently refunded all the panties, and I hadn't brought all of them in!

We danced around the problem for a couple of minutes, and quite a line formed behind me, with my satin boyshort panties sitting there on the counter. Finally, she said she couldn't cancel the refund, and I hadn't in effect paid for the third pair. I said I'd go back to the car to get them. She was really quite sweet.

When I came back in, I went around to the other side of the register to hand them to her. She smiled, took the panties from me, and asked if I wanted her to hold them until tomorrow when the refund cleared the card? I chuckled and smiled at her. She quizzically looked at me and asked what was so funny. As nonchalantly as I possibly could, given the situation, I said, "Yes, please hold on to them, and I'll be back in to get the panties off you tomorrow."

I have never seen someone turn so red so fast in my life. I winked at her and left the store.

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