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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Caught Off Gaurd

Just before Halloween last October I decided that I would go into a lingerie store in a nearby mall and buy one of their french maid outfits that they sell at that time of year. Generally I buy my panties and other clothes on line but I figured no one would say anything about a guy buying an outfit like that just before Halloween. There was a very pleasant salesgirl in the shop who offered to help me and I told her I wanted to buy the outfit for Halloween. Much to my amazement she selected an outfit she said she thought would fit me and then told me I could go into one of the changing rooms and try it on which I did. The outfit came with everything including a pair of ruffled panties except stockings which the girl helped me pick out to. I paid for my purchase and thanked her for her help and then left the store very happy with my purchase.

About a month ago I happened to be in the same mall and was walking past the lingerie store when all of a sudden the girl who had helped me last October walked out to look at a display she had been setting up. I did not think anything of it until she suddenly turned to me and asked how the maid business was going. I was totally shocked that she remembered me but knew she did when she recalled how I had bought the outfit last October and had tried it on etc etc. I told her that I had had a good time wearing it at a party for Halloween and was about to leave when she asked me to come into the store as she could not be away from the phone and register too long. When I went into the store she started talking about how business was way off due to the economy and stuff. I emphasized with her and said my business was having similar problems. Then out of the blue she said why don't you buy yourself some panties we are having a great sale. I laughed and tried to brush off her remark saying I did not think I had a need for any panties. She laughed and said she knew I wore panties as she had seen them above the waist band of my pants when I had been in the store. I told her she was right that I had been wearing panties then but that I did not do that any longer. She then said she doubted that and challenged me to prove I was not wearing panties by going into the dressing room and dropping my pants. Trying to bluff I said that if she was wrong she would have to buy me dinner that night and go to a movie with me. She called my bluff saying that was fine but if she was right I would buy three pair of panties that she would pick out for me as well as the matching bras.

She took me to the very same dressing room where I had tried on the maid outfit and told me to drop my pants. Needless to say I lost the bet as she saw me standing there in my red lacy string bikini panties. After snickering a bit she told me to take off my shirt so she could mesure me for a bra. I did as she told me to and after measuring me she said she would pick some sets out for me. As she left she grabbed my pants and shirt saying she thought she should hold on to them. A few minutes later she came back and let herself into the room handing me a light pink silk thong and matching bra. As I was putting them on I heard the door chime go off and she told me to stay in the room until she got back. Several minutes later she came back with a baby blue set of bikini style lingerie and told me to put them on which I did. Finally she came back with very lacy thong and bra in shocking pink and told me to put them on. I then asked her for my clothes and she laughed and said she would see if she could find them. After awhile she came back and handed me my clothes. I started to take off the bra when she said she thought I should leave it and the thong on. As I slipped my t-shirt on I realized how visible the bra was under it as the shirt was white and fit me pretty tight. I started to say that I could not wear the bra like that when she said that unless I wanted everyone at my business and in my neighborhood to know what type of person I was I would do what she said. At that point she then rattled off my full name, address, business address and phone numbers which obviously she had gotten by looking in my wallet. Then she said that she would be at my apartment at 7:00 that night and expected to see me in my maid outfit with dinner on the table just for her.

THat was almost a month ago and since then we have seen each other on a regular basis and have developed a really great relationship. Whatsmore she has helped improve my lingerie wardrobe too.

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