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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Mall Experience

I had the hottest experience at the mall tonight. I was walking out and glanced in an Ann Taylor store and saw it was empty and there was only one lady sales clerk. I told her that I was struggling with a fetish and wanted to explore it. She said it was a first for her but that she would gladly help me. There was an entire dressing area that was closed off and she took me back there. I was so turned on to see that the slats were such that she could see in. She brought me dresses and little tops and I modeled for her. Then I stood there naked from the waist down with a black sequenced sleeveless top on. My dick was puching out from my body and the head of my cock was so full. She came and stood right by the door and asked how everything was. I knew that she was having a show and not moving away from it. I chatted with her as I fumbled with some tags. Then she said I could go in the bigger dressing room that had more light. Now I knew she wanted to continue the show because the brighter rooms were like a fish bowl. Everytime I came back I made sure my cock was hard by stroking it until I heard her coming. I kept it just less than erect. She would stand right by the door every time. The song "I'm In Heaven" actually came on the music intercom. I told her she made me feel so free and she gave me her card and said to call to make sure she is there when I come back. She was middle aged and kind of librarian-nerdy, but if she lets me I will get on my knees and be her boy. I wanted so badly to have her guide me to her wet vagina. I would tongue out her tight ass and let her tongue mine while I wore the catholic school girl skirt she saw me in. Maybe she's home now with a vibrator in her warm soft pussy fantasizing about her new little slut. I can only hope.

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