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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: The Sex Shop

I was driving back from a doctors appointment in another town from the one I live in, on the way to the doctors I noticed a sex shop that was addvertising in its window that it sold shoes and lingerie. Well since I love sexy high heel strappy shoes and lingerie I thought I would take a look in the store on the way home which I did, also this being the first time I had bought lingerie and shoes outside of the internet.I was very nervous at first but soon felt at ease when the sales lady came over to me as I was looking at the hot teddys on the racks (she was about 40ish and not bad looking)and said to me was I looking for the wife or myself, I said both as I wanted a christmas gift for the wife anyway. I held out a sexy black teddy that I had picked from the rack and said to the girl I like this but I am unsure it will fit (me). She said thats OK you can use the employee bathroom to try it on, well I was dumstruck for a while untill she lead me though to the back of the shop and pointed out the bathroom. In I went teddy in hand I turned around too lock the door behind me and found that the door had no lock on it, Oh well I thought there is only me and the sales lady in the shop so nobody will try to come in, I took all my clothes of and pulled on the teddy it was a nice fit but needed some breasts to fill out the top half and there was no mirror for me to see how my backside looked, then theres a knock at the door and the sales lady is asking me if I need any help I said I am OK but I would have liked to have seen how I looked in a mirror. She said no problem come out and I will tell you how you look, I was shocked here I was in a strange store with no clothes on except for a very flimsy see though teddy and the sales lady is asking me to come out of the bathroom so she can see me I was very excited and scared at the same time my cock was standing hard up against the fabric of the teddy, should I go out or refuse and get dressed again. I could not really refuse as I would have to go by her on the way out anyway and she would think I was a right wimp. So I put my best face on and walked out the door, she said I looked lovely in the teddy but it needed something up front and also the crotch area was not right, off she went into the shop in a few minutes she was back with some fake breasts which she inserted into the front of the teddy, by this time my cock was about to burst though the flimsy material of the teddy and I had lost about a gallon of sweat, then she knelt down in front of me and adjusted the crotch area of the teddy by inserting her two fingers of each hand though the leg openings of the teddy. My cock had a load of precum just under the foreskin which I could feel was about to run out, (she new exactly what she was up to and was taking full addvantage of the situation, much to my delight and shear shock of the situation) I made some excuse and ran back into the bathroom, empted my load into the toilet bowl and got my clothes back on again, I walked back though the shop to the checkout were the lady was waiting for me, she had certainly secured that sale. I have been into that store quite a few more times since and the lady is very acommadating but never goes any further than adjusting and telling me how good the item fits me.

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