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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Love To Shop

ohboy do I ever! I could spend all day in a major store like Nordstroms or Bon-Macy just going thru every rack of lingerie they have. Believe me, it would be an all day deal. I also like the specialty shops.
I remember one time I went into a new one I'd discovered (I always go shopping with at least all my under things in place). I found the section for full size women and it was FULL of nice satin and lacey things, I was in heaven. I had on a pair of stockings and a garter belt (under my sweats) and a matching bra. I'm sure the nice young lady could make out the lines of my garments I was wearing, not that I try to hide it. Once I found the full size fashions, the lady came over and asked if I needed help finding something. I replied, I was looking for a boostier w/garters, in white. She helped me find one and then asked what size she would need, at this I told her it was for me and would it be a problem if I were to try it on. She was not at all suprised and pointed out the fitting room and away I went.This story does'nt get riskay or anything. I went and tried on the item and proceeded to hook up my stockings I already had on and then took the tag and met the sales lady at the cash register. I handed her the tag and she asked how it fit at which time I adjusted my boobs (fatty enough to fill a C cup) and told her I liked the fit.

After paying her I thanked her very much for being accomidating to my needs and for her friendly service, she said come back again and we said good-day to one another. I walked out of there in my new boostier with a smile and feeling pretty.

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