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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: A Doubtful Sales Clerk

Shopping a Heckts the other day I was looking for some panties in the lingerie section and came across a 3 for sale. I picked up three pairs of white Warner's hi-cut briefs and three pairs of French cut Jockey's microfabric panties. I browsed around for a time then two elderly ladies checked out at the register. I waited and kept looking around. When it was my turn, the clerk about 60 took my panties and proceeded to check them out on the hand held scanner. I mentioned the weather but she did not respond. I paid and she bagged the items. She thanked me and encouraged me to return, but she seemed not to want to talk to me. I suspected she thought the items were for me. She did not play the game by asking if these for your wife or girlfriend. Perhaps the panties looked too conventional and not really sexy as though I was buying a gift. If that was her hunch, she was right. So I caught her and she could not respond, at least not well. Since she was older, she most likely thought I was a pervert or gay or something. So this is a twist. Every day panties are cool since these are what most women wear. I chose white, black, beige and black. Maybe she was wearing one of those colors! Shopping is interesting.

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