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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Helpfull Owner

Yesterday I found a lingerie store in upstate NY. In the front window were many wonderful outfits. As I entered the store my eyes grew from the excitment. The clerk came over to me and explained the outlay of the store. Large size lingerie section, regular size lingerie and a little side room for adult products. She asked if I needed any assistance and I told her I would just like to look around for awhile. If you need anything let me know she said. I browsed the store in all my glory. Bras, garters, teddys, stockings, corsets. It was all beautiful, sexy, and frilly. I found this one bra, a water bra, in a size 32a. Very well padded. I asked the clerk if she had the bra in a larger size. She answered no but has other padded bras available. She asked what size my wife takes. I hesitated......I answered I am shopping for myself. She smiled and said not a problem at all. Let me show you what I have. She stopped and said, I do have a bra enhancer. With the right bra this would help fill it out. Lets see what we have. She asked my size and I answered I wear a 38C. She showed me a couple of bras and said your more then welcome to try them on if you like.
That would be wonderful if you please. On the way back to the dressing room she stopped and said I also have these corsets with bra. They would help shape you and has nice padding in the bra area also. Would you like to try this also. Of course thank you. She led me to the dressing room and opened the curtain. Inside there were three rooms with curtains and she said lets take you to the last one so you won't be interupted. As I entered the dressing room she said you may need some assistance with the corset. Would you like some help. I hesitated again. The excitement grew inside me. Suddenly her phone was ringing. I said answer your phone and then I would love some help.

As she closed the curtain I undressed from the top. I slipped on the bra. Suddenly she said from the outside I'm back would you like some help now. Yes please I answered. She entered and there

I stood with a sexy lacy bra. She grabbed the breast enhancers and inserted them into the bra, pulling the side of my chest to the front. She repeated the process on the opposite side. She looked and I looked and said I believe you need a smaller bra, 36c which would help pull you together tighter giving you more natural cleavage. She left the room and returned with another bra. Red, lacy, very pretty. She unhooked me and assisted sliding the new bra on and hooking the back. Again, repeating the process with the breast enhancers. I never expected that the clerk would assist me with trying the bras on. The clerk again unhooked me and said lets try the corset now. She wrapped the corset around me and slowly hooked the back clasp. The corset pulled me in and shaped me. She then inserted the enhancers into the bra, pulled me together and said you look wonderful. How does it feel. I was in in all my glory. I never expected to be in a womens dressing room with a clerk assisting me in trying bras and corsets on. Hearing other customers entering the store she said you may finish up.

In finishing and redressing the clerk and I talked. She is attempting to find me some nicer bra fillers. I did not purchase any of the lingerie at that time as we rescheduled for me to return next week to try whatever product she finds for me. At that time I wish to retry the corset but ask for panties and stocking as the corset has garters.

I'm dieing to find out how much she is willing to let me try on and assist me with. This is a true story. It happened yesterday.

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