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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: First Time In A Lingerie Store

Well, after realizing how much I liked women's underwear, I spent a lot of time acquiring a poorly fitting collection from female friends and relatives. After I got married, you'd think things would get easier, having access to my wife's underwear drawer (hidden from her, of course). But it didn't, and I also discovered that it really was women's underwear in general I liked, not just pre-worn panties and bras. I decided I finally wanted my own collection, of stuff I liked that fit!
Well, I was on a home vacation and my wife was at work when I took my first foray into buying lingerie. I looked up some sizing info on the internet to figure out conversions, did the math, and went to my first store. It was actually Kmart. It was fairly early on a weekday, so there weren't a lot of people around, which was good, as I was feeling really inhibited by this new venture. I had on a pair of dark green tap panties with a little flower bow in the top middle, formerly owned by my niece. I rubbed them against myself in the car briefly to stoke the fire and marched into the store. The ladie's lingerie section was in the back, right next to the men's jean section, as luck would have it. I was, of course, excited and aroused and afraid.

I went into the men's section and looked over the selection while I eyed the rows of panties and bras just 15 feet away. The tile below actually changed color at the edge of the lingerie section, demarcating where the "boys section" ended and the "girl's section" began. It almost seemed to be defying me, telling me to cross that line was to do something forbidden. I edged my way closer. No one was in the men's jeans area at all, and in the panties section was an asian lady in her thirties, looking over some multi-pack deals. Dropping the jeans I had been pretending to examine I walked towards the section. I slowed as I reached the line where the tile changed. One more step and it would be obvious to anyone looking I was going to look at lingerie. I thought I could feel the overhead cameras (probably unmanned, realistically) swiveling towards me, I hesitated for a second, thinking some obscure announcement overhead ("Price check for male item in lingerie section") would go off and security would escort me out the door if I took another step. And somewhere inside, I wanted that to happen!

I took a deep breath and saw a male store clerk turn the corner. I picked up the jeans I was considering, my heart now pounding, my dick swelling against the silky tap pant, which just made me even more aroused. He stopped briefly to pick up the phone and talk to someone somewhere else in the store, and then went around the corner. The lady was still there, now going through the panty top sales racks. Hot and bothered and nearly cumming I dropped the jeans again, and giving myself a quick rub (and so, a spike of pleasure), I stepped onto the lingerie section tile. A feeling almost like an electric shock of pleasure went through me, a feeling I hadn't had since the first time I had gone down orally on a girl. Taboo broken!

I reached out and touched the first panty rack in the section, trampy looking pink and silver satin g-string full back bikinis, two for $7. Ever since my taste in women's underwear has been trampy. I felt the texture of the panties and picked off a size 6. I started working my way through the racks. Looking for tops, bottoms, outfits. Kmart had a great selection of cheap bikinis and some nice bralet tops, but really no selection of slips, teddies, or cami panty sets. I picked out a few nice looking sexy items. The lady was still there, and I noticed she was glancing over at me and watching out of the corner of her eye. I was taken aback a little then, bashfulness was winning out, and I nearly put down the panties and bras and left the store. Then I noticed her lip had the tiniest little smile at the left corner. I don't know if she was laughing at me, smiling because she knew a panty wearing man herself, or had just seen this before. In any case, the realization that she really knew and wasn't going to act disgusted spurred me on. I went through all the racks and found exactly what I wanted. By this time I had openly caught her eye and smiled, she had smiled back. It felt good and sexy and naughty at the same time!

At last I had my clothes selected. I was ready to head for checkout, and realized that I had no basket to hide the goods in until I reached the checkout counter! I grabbed a pair of jeans on sale and rolled them up over the lingerie and walked to the front. I got into a quiet line and was lucky no one came up behind me (I was still very inhibited about buying at that point and probably would've ditched the stuff and left). I stepped up to the counter with the jeans. The checkout person was of West Indian descent. She greeted me and reached for the jeans. I felt another thrill of excitement as I set the jeans down, opened them up to reveal my cache of brightly colored panties and bralettes and handed them to her. Her eyes opened up slightly larger in surprise, and then she started putting the items through. She actually didn't bag them immediately so they sat on the post-scanner counter as people filed by. Some noticed. She finally got to the jeans and gave me a little look like "do you actually want these?". I was so nervous and over-hormoned that I waved her to check them through as well, lol, not even knowing the size. At last I had my goods packed up and was heading out the store. The checkout clerk had never once smiled or frowned and I realized the most important secret of all, this stuff happens all the time, I'm not the only guy!

Having gotten home, I tried on everything and got off multiple times in a row from the feeling and from remembering what it was like to cross the line with someone watching! It felt incredible. The only problem, the bottoms all fit perfectly, but the tops were an atrocious mismatch of size. And I didn't have much variety, nothing really sexy. The only thing I bought that fitted perfectly were the jeans, lol. I knew what I was going to do the next day. Victoria's Secret. I found one in the local mall and called, somehow managing to ask them if they allowed men to try on clothes in the store. The lady at the other end gave an immediate yes (arent' they great) and the store hours, as well as letting me know a sale was starting tomorrow. I said thanks and hung up, already excited again at the prospect of the next step.

I got up early, figuring if I got there when it opened there would be less people and it would be easier for me (which is universally true). This was going to be more difficult. I wasn't just going into a big store and buying items from a nameless clerk who would never see me again, or recognize me if she did. I was going to go in, catalogue in hand (actually internet printouts in hand) ask someone for help, tell them I wasn't shopping for my wife, I was shopping for me, and actually go back into the changing rooms, try clothes on and buy them in full view of everyone in the store. How exciting! How Scary! I almost came looking at the online catalogue and thinking about it. I drove to the mall. Once parked I pulled out a little container with a double shot of tequila courage in it and downed it in one gulp. I followed with some toothpaste and breath mints and headed in. The alcohol wasn't working when I first passed the store, and I couldn't bring myself to go in, there were several women shopping, though not a crowd yet. I walked twice around the mall, heart racing, pink and silver g-string panties rubbing against me all the way, urging me on. The tequila took affect, and with the disinhibting buzz in my head I finally stepped across into VS, as I reached out for the first little babydoll I felt that shock again.

And then a salesperson came up and asked me if I wanted some help. She was asian (again, weird, huh?), about 18 years old, and spoke English a bit haltingly. I said yes and asked her about some cami panty sets I had seen online. As she led me back to where the cami and panty sets I wanted were kept, she asked me what size my wife wore (noting my ring). I realized as we were walking around the store a bit that she was unfamiliar with the store, she must be a new hire! I wondered how she would respond, and got a thrill when I said, "Actually, I'm buying these for me, would it be alright if I tried some things on in a dressing room before buying?" I got that shock of pleasure again seeing the surprise in her eyes as she asked "It's for you?" I told her again I wanted the outfits for me, and would like to try some things on. She nodded and said that was fine, and grabbed one of those cute clear pink bags to hold outfits in. We started going around the store and at first she was obvoiusly a little embarassed, which made me more confident. I started picking sexy little outfits out, teddies, camis, panties, slips. She picked up on what I was looking at in general and started to relax, going into sales mode, pointing out sale times I might like, picking out some racier (and slightly more expensive) things as well. One time she asked me what size my wife was again, and then got a little embarassed and laughed. We started chatting about women's underwear in general after that, it became real fun. I filled the bag, and she only slipped up one more time, laughing a little in embarassment when she asked me my bra size. But by that point I knew her laugh was just to cover a touch of embarassment at having her first male client! What luck, a cute asian girl with her first male client who was a first time lingerie shopper.

Finally I went back and tried everything on. Was I glad I did, half of it didn't fit right, most of the rest looked terrible on me. Except that little red roses outfit, one teddie and a few other panties. I got out of the room and told her which clothes I would take and she pulled out a pair of thigh high stockings and garters from the rack, telling me they'd go great with the red roses outfit. I knew we were both broken in at that point because I knew I wanted them and what size I should wear, and she asked me direclty what size I wanted. I snatched them and she escorted me to the checkout line. By then everyone in the store shopping clearly knew I was shopping for myself (after the trip to the dressing room), which kept me hard and throbbing while I waited. I finally got home and got off over and over again (3 or 4 times that day) looking in the mirror at the full outfit and stockings. I ended up stopping back later that day to buy a matching pair of panties to go under the teddy to reduce chaffe. The salesperson was still there, came right up to me smiling and knew exaclty what I wanted after only a slight explanation. She grabbed the perfect pair of matching panties from the bargain bin (I bought two as they were only about $4 each, a deal at VS).. All in all a great experience. Since then I've gone back to that store and Fredericks nearby many times (in fact, the manager at Fredericks is my favorite salesperson, I call her Tasha the Temptress because she knows exactly what to bring back to me in the dressing room to make me spend over budget! Of course, all the other women I've met in these stores were used to male clients, which was nice, but it sure was a thrill getting someone new to it my first time!

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