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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Garter Belt Shopping Trip

As I lounged around in my pink satin teddy I got a late evening urge to get out of the house for a while. I slipped out of my outfit and slid on a pair of yellow silk hi-cut panties and matching bra. Feeling this wasn
She mentioned it was close to closing and wanted to know if she could be of any help. I got somewhat bold and said I was actually looking for a garter to match yellow silk panties. At this point her reaction indicated that she was unaware that it was a purchase for me. She inquired as to what size I was looking for. I played dumb and said I wasn

Not wanting to pass up the opportunity I grabbed the garter and allowed Brenda to lead me to a vacated dressing room. I stepped inside and began to remove my shoes and low cut jeans and slid on the satin garter which fit perfectly. I decided to attach the suspenders to my thigh highs to see how it looked. As I struggled a bit I heard Brenda

She said that was fine but I needed to get dressed and get going as it was past closing hours. She removed the tags from my garter and laid them on the seat and slid out of the room as I quickly put my clothes back on. Upon leaving the dressing room she smiled and said my new purchase complimented my outfit quite well. I smiled and thanked her for her help and said I appreciated her help and would be happy to return the favor some time. She just smiled and encouraged me to head to the cashier who was a young girl waiting patiently for me to pay for my purchase. I handed her the removed tags and she scanned them and smiled and asked if Brenda was helpful. I mentioned she was very helpful and tried to remain as nonchalant as possible. I then headed to the door where they were holding it open to allow me to depart back into the mall. I figured that was the end of my little shopping trip but I couldn

As I wandered around the mall it became apparent that most of the stores were also closing. I decided to head to the far end and slip into the bar slash restaurant to have a drink to calm my nerves a bit. I stepped in and pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered a draft. As I sat drinking my beer and pondering the evening

Small talk began and as we spoke I began to do a more thorough gaze to see what Brenda looked like. Being wrapped up in the moment while shopping I realized I didn

Brenda broke what seemed like an eternity of silence. You know I really need to tell you, that as you were leaving the store this evening, one look and I immediately saw the outlines of your garters. My instincts tell me you probably don

Why is it men seem to have better tastes in panties than women do? Trying like hell to get the lump cleared from my throat, I felt an overwhelming calm surround me. This woman is truly interested in hearing about men in lingerie.

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