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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Thought I Was A Girl!

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I was feeling very feminine that day, so decided I would go shopping for some new clothes. I showered, shaved (all over) and slipped on a pair of satin, hot pink hi-cut panties with 4 rows of lace across the bottom and on the legs. I then put on a pair of low-cut girl's jeans and a T-shirt which just barely covered my belly button. After putting a pair of sandals on, I drove to a nearby Mervyn's. Since I am very small, (5'1", 110 lbs) I can wear girl's size 14 clothing and Mervyn's carries a pretty good selection. At that time, my hair was below my shoulders, and I kept it in a ponytail. I went to the girl's section and found some really cute mini skirts, some shorts and a couple pair of bobby sox with lace on them. In Mervyn's you can take your purchases to any department in the store, so I took the clothing to the men's department where I knew the dressing rooms were nice and big with full-length mirrors. I selected a room and took my jeans and T-shirt off, leaving my panties on. I then turned my back to the door and proceeded to put a pair of the frilly sox on, using the chair for support. Suddenly, the door opened (I had neglected to lock it), and a female's vioce announced, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was in here. Then a pause....Um, miss, don't you think you would be more comfortable in the women's department?" At that point, I turned around, realizing that from the back, with a long ponytail, no body hair and the bright panties, I must have looked like a female. When I was turned, the young female clerk quickly noticed I was, indeed, a male. "Oh" she stammered "I am very sorry" adding a blush to the scene. Nothing was said for a moment or two, then, looking at my crotch, she smiled and said quietly, "Say, miss, why don't you allow me to assist you to the women's department where I may be able to help you with your purchases!" I took the sox off, then pulled my jeans on, then the T-shirt, put my sandals on and followed the teenager to the women's department. When we arrived, the clerk told me to wait and walked into the dressing rooms. A moment later, she returned and told me to follow her. She led me into the women's department dressing rooms and showed me an empty room and I went inside. She followed me inside, then whispered (there was a woman in the room beside us), "Is this OK?" Not trusting myself to speak, I nodded. "Alright" she said, "go ahead and try on the clothes you have with you. I am the only one on duty, so be patient and I will drop by and check on you in a while." My little cock was going ballistic by then. The clerk was extremely pretty, young and just about my size, except for a very nice pair of breasts, and curves. I took my clothes off and tried on the mini skirts, then the shorts. The skirts were perfect, but the shorts were not what I was looking for. I was putting on one of the skirts on when the door opened and the girl walked in. By then the woman next door was gone so we could talk. She introduced herself and we talked, which I thought was a little strange. Here we were, total strangers, me, a male in pink panties and a very short mini skirt, and the clerk, a quite pretty young woman, and both of us in a woman's dressing room, chatting. After a minute, she asked me what size I was so I told her. It turned out she was the same size. Giggling, she began to remove her jeans and blouse. "Let's trade clothes," she said, "I want to see if that little skirt will fit me." So I took the skirt off, then noticing she was taking her panties off, I slipped mine off also. We then put each other's clothing on. Her panties, jeans and blouse fit me perfectly, and she looked wonderful in my panties and tiny little skirt. She put my T-shirt on and left, returning quickly with a frilly little blouse which she put on. The combination was super, and I was feeling very feminine. She even went out and waited on a few customers in the skirt and blouse before returning. "Ok, she said" My shift is over, we can relax now. Do you want to keep my clothes on, or would you like to put your own on? If we trade again, and you put your jeans on, we can go have something to eat, then go to my parent's place, they won't be home for at least a week. Oh, by the way she giggled "I'm 19, so don't worry." So we traded clothing again, and I got a look at her wonderful little body again. She did tell me with a giggle that my panties were nicer than hers were, and kept mine on, so I wore her pretty little bikini panties the rest of the evening, well, at least until we got to her parent's home anyway.

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