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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping With Help From Wife

Well, I finaly did it. I (kinda) went panty shopping alone. Me and the wife had gone out shopping, panties for me on the list , wal-mart here we come. As we moved SLOWLY to the intimates section, wife browsing away..I got the feeling a kid gets when he just wants to run over to the toy deppartment. We were getting close now, and this being only the second time I was to pick what I wanted, I couldnt keep away. I told her I was going ahead, and away I went. At first I was just kind of slowly walking around, looking at all the panties on display, then I said screw it, I came here to shop, and thats what I'm gonna do. A nice pair caught my eye, and I went right for it.
A nice blue pair, with a little lace, and happily it was a 7 I picked it up, and moved on. Having already decided I wanted to try the hanes stretch satin, I went to the display, looking up, down and over for my size. after a good search I found what I wanted. Satin bikini, size 7. Now...what colors? flipping through a few rows of hanging packages, I found a set I wanted. Ok, good enough..back to the wife. Found her not far away looking at bra's. I gave her the goods, and she continued to look around. Oh, but wait! I really wanted a pink pair.."be right back" I said, and off I went back to the panties, looking all around for about 10 mins before I found what I wanted, a nice pink pair, had to dig into the back to find my size, and once again back to the wife.

I now had four pairs, everything I came for. Pink ones, something with lace, and my fav, satin. As we walked around and collected more things, it was time for me to carry some stuff, I took my stash of panties, and a few other things, walked around the whole store, and went to pay. As we got im line, my wife realized she didnt have enough cash, had to run to the ATM, ok I'll wait here. So, here I am in line food, a few odds and ends, and my panties. All was rung in, and no sign of the wife. (I might as well been alone). She came back and handed over the cash, and we were on our way.

Ok, I did have the slight backing of my wife who was never too far away, but here I was, I picked then out alone, walked around (sometimes) alone, and checked out (mostly) alone. Ya know..I'm thinking if I wanted to, I could prob do it alone. Wasnt sure if I could or not really, but yeah, I think I could.

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