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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Beginner's Luck

I've been dressing for several years now, but have done all of my shopping on-line. Last weekend, I thought I'd venture out to do some in person shopping. Just the thought of it had me hard and dripping with pre-cum! I dressed, man on the outside (jeans, golf shirt, tennis shoes), but fem underneath (purple thong). Wanting to avoid the mall, I headed to a very nice lingerie shop across town. It was a slow day, as I was the only shopper, and only the proprietor was working, a nice looking, conservatevely dressed woman. She was quite discreet and professional as she allowed me to look around the store without interruption. After 10 or 15 minutes of looking and feeling a wide variety of lingerie, I was sporting quite a hard on. The owner must have noticed, as she quietly approached me, and asked if there was anything special I was looking for. I was a bit tongue-tied in my response. She said, that's OK, I've been in this business for a long time, and I knew you were looking for yourself the minute you walked in. Why not grab a few items, and come in the back to try them on. My husband is back there, and he can help you anyway that you need it! I blushed, said sure, and headed back with a few panties and bras. I was a bit shy, but he said he was wearing panties himself! Go ahead, let's see you in some of those. I undressed, and tried on the first pair of panties and bra. Just then, the owner reappeared, and announced that she had closed the store for a few minutes. She walked over to me, put her hand on my panty covered hardon, and said to her husband that she hoped we would enjoy each other. He walked over, dropped his pants, revealing his own sheer lace panties, which did little to conceal a nice thick cut cock. I immediately went to my knees, pulled his panties aside, and swallowed him. While I was working on his cock, with his hands holding the back of my head, I felt my own panties being pushed aside, and a finger lubing my tight ass. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the owner, now naked except for a strap on dildo, moving around behind me. That finger was replaced with the tip of the strap on, and soon this husband and wife team was taking me from both ends. He would slide into my mouth as she slid out of my boy pussy, then she would slide in as he slid out. It didn't take long before he shot a load down my throat, and my load was soon all over the floor as her strap on massaged my prostrate. She then stepped out of her harness, and offered her shaved pussy to me. I licked and fingered her pussy and ass until she came, covering my face with her juices. We then all caught our breath, and dressed. She reopened the store, while he and I chatted for a bit in the back. We talked about dressing experiences, and good places to go when dressed. The three of us have become fast friends, and plan to repeat last weekend's fun many times, in many places, and through their contacts, with many other guys and couples!

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