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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: My Awesome Shopping Trip

I am a 44 year old college professor, 5'10", 165, brown hair, blue eyes. I am straight and married but I do have a fetish for women's panties - watching them and wearing them. My wife tolerates this harmless quirk of mine. She even shops for panties with me sometimes, although its more of a turn on to do it myself. The following is a true account of my most memorable shopping trip. One warm afternoon this past spring, I was at the local mall watching the women and planning to maybe buy some panties. As I walked up to Frederick's of Hollywood (I always get hard when I go there), a hot-looking young women walked out and headed down the mall ahead of me. She was a long-haired brunette, maybe 19 or 20, about 5'2" and somewhat on the thin side. From the rear, her legs were very firm and sexy and quite visible under the short cotton mini-dress that she was wearing. I felt my cock stiffen inside the white nylon panties that I was wearing and I began to follow her, wondering whether she was shopping or did she work at Frederick's. I stayed about 20" behind her, watching her tight butt and tanned legs as she walked slowly toward the stairs. As she started up the stairs, I stood below and stared up her dress. When she was about halfway up, I was able to see straight up to her sexy, tiger-stripped panties - what a sight! She glanced down and caught me looking, but just kept on going. I followed her to the food court where she got her lunch. I sat and had had a drink while I watched her eat and read a book for about 30 minutes. Her legs were crossed the whole time but her dress was way up her thighs, showing off her fantastic legs. After she finished, I followed her from a distance as she went back to Frederick's, confirming that, indeed, she worked there. This was looking better all the time! I entered the store (where she was alone) and she said hello as I began to look through the racks of sexy panties. My cock was rock hard while I fingered the crotches of the panties and kept one eye on her body. She was behind the counter and I was crouched about 10' off to the side with a clear view of her legs. Her short dress buttoned up the front but the bottom button was undone. I rubbed my cock through my pants and almost came when she bent down to get something from a low drawer. After a few more minutes of this "torture", I asked her if she could help me find something. She came over and I showed her a pair of tiger-print bikinis, rubbing the crotch of them between my fingers, and said, "these are cute, don't you think?" She squatted down next to me, blushed, and said, "yes....ah, what size are you looking for?" Her dress was parted in front almost up to her crotch and I could almost see her panties again. I asked for a medium size and while she searched through the panties on the rack, her legs parted even more and I got a clear view all the way up to her panty-covered pussy slit. As her eyes caught me looking at her cunt, I said, "so I see you really do like this type of panties!" She smiled again, but left her legs spread open, and asked me if the panties were for my wife. I said, "well, yes and no,....I like them for myself also." She asked if I was wearing panties and I said, "yes, want to see?" Before she could answer, I unzipped my slacks and showed her the hard lump that was practically throbbing inside my panties. She just stared as I slowly slid the front on my panties down to below my balls, letting my hard cock spring out, showing a drop of precum on the tip. She reached between her legs and began to rub her pussy through her own sexy panties. I wrapped my cock in the crotch of the new pair of tiger panties and started stroking hard and fast. We were alone, near the back of the empty store, but anyone could have walked in at any second. We both knew that we had to work fast to avoid getting caught. She sat down on her butt and brought her knees up, legs spread wide while she slipped a hand inside her panties and fingered her wet pussy. I could see her moist black cunt hair and the pinkness of her slit as she pumped two fingers frantically in and out of herself and rubbed her clit with a thumb. I kept on stroking, harder and faster. Her whole body shivered as she quickly got herself off in an orgasm that she obviously enjoyed! Just as I was about to cum, she grabbed the panties around my cock and gave it several hard, fast pumps. I shot an enormous load of white, hot cock juice into the panties, drenching them and spilling over onto her hand. After beginning to calm down a bit, I said, "wow, you really know how to make a sale!" She just grinned and asked d how many pairs I wanted to buy. I quickly picked out three assorted colors, including the pair that was soaked with my cum and said, "I'll take these and I'll buy you a new pair if I can have yours too." She stood up and said, "OK, just take them as a free bonus." I reached up under her dress, briefly cupped and squeezed her warm, wet pussy mound and then slowly slid the wet panties down her legs. I put them up to my face and sniffed the wet crotch saying, "this is one pair that I may never wash!" We went over to the counter, I paid for the panties and she said, "thanks, have a nice day, and please shop with us again soon." I went back again after a few weeks. She was there, looking even more sexy, but the store had other customers and an older woman working there as well. She told me that she worked there alone most weekday afternoons and I promised to return soon to maybe try on some new undies.

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