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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping For Whore Red Heels

I was off from work and busy on my p.c. looking at hot men and women crossdressing and having sex. I was wearing off-black pantyhose and a black bra; I had a very small butt plug buried in my ass. I had just shaved my entire body and was loving the look of a completely smooth cock beneath my hose. I covered my body with baby oil and was shining. My wife accepts my shaving but doesn't know I dress. She had problems with it but I layed there on my back with her on top and bouncing on my cock when she grabbed my legs and noticed that they were smoother than hers. She asked several questions ranging from "why did you do that" to "is everything okay". I needed to reply but she didn't need to hear that I liked dressing like a slut and having a hard cock rammed in me. She didn't need to hear that I had sucked more cock than I had eaten pussy, she didn't need to hear that I love a hard cock in my ass. She had no idea that an old friend of mine "also married", had been my cock buddy longer than she had been my wife. She had no idea that everytime she rested her legs over my shoulders and grinded her pussy into my face, that he did the same thing long before we met. ANYWAY, I told her that it felt so good when we were together, with our bare skin touching. She was skeptical and I admitted, is it so bad if I have a small kinky side? She conceded to that and kept bouncing on my cock. There was my green light to shaving! She wasn't wild about it but didn't bring it up again.
Back to the story: I called the store form a local mall, a "whore store" about 30 minutes from my home town. I was relieved when a man answered. I had walked by that store time and time again while hot young girls worked the sales, standing at the entrance waiting on customers, I always kept walking. I had bought panties while he was there by himself, he seemed to understand. I asked if he had a pair of 5in. heels in red? He combed the store and finally said, "here they are". I have one pair in size 11. I said "great" can you put them behind the counter? "I am married and private". He said SURE! I thanked him and said I would be there in about 45 minutes. I said that I appreciated his effort and that I realized that not many men called about heels for themselves. He laughed and said "You would be surprised".

I pulled a pair of wrangler jeans over my pantyhose and took off for the store again. I arrived at the store and there was a woman checking out and I browsed the store waiting for her to leave. She left and before I could say a word, he reached behind the counter and produced a beautiful pair of red whore heels. I had a drink before I left the house and was not bashfull at all. He asked if I would like to try them on? I replied nervously. YES! I took the heels and walked over to the dressing rooms. I paused before entering them and looked back at him, he motioned me into the dressing rooms. I went inside and kicked off my shoes and put on the heels. I heard him say, "these panties would go with those heels". A pair of red thong panties draped over the door. I knew he was watching me under the door of the dressing room. Then a red bra followed. I took off all my male clothes and put the bra and panties on. I was so hard when I opened the the door and peeked out to see the bars covering the entrance to the store. I threw the door open and pranced out in my heels and lingerie. I felt like a slut when he reached inside his pants and said "over here baby". I pranced over and squatted over his lap, grinded against his hard cock and he started kissing my neck. I felt like a total whore. I reached inside his pants when he started licking my lips. His cock was at least 11IN. I unzipped them and fell to my knees. He stood up and I pulled his pants down to find that he was wearing crotchless pink panties. I licked up and down his huge cock and moaned like a paid whore. He was shaved completely, just like me. I licked the head of his cock and then took at least 7 inches of it in my mouth. He asked me to lie on my back and I did. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and licked the instep of my foot. He rammed at least half of that huge cock in my ass. I closed my eyes and loved it. I opened them to see a beautiful asian girl standing over me. She was wearing the same heels that I was trying on. She squatted over my face and grinded her pussy into my face. I licked her cunt hard and deep and then pulled her down a little and rammed my tongue in her asshole. She stood up and circled, bent down and took my dick in her ass. She leaned over and teased my lips with her tongue. She said she loved men in dress. She asked if I would help her suck his cock? I didn't say a word and nodded YES. We RE-POSITIONED and both of us licked his hard cock. She took over and deep throated him while fingering my ass. I watched and loved it, his cock was inches from my mouth when I noticed him flinch and moan. She pulled off of him and grabbed my head, forcing his cock into my mouth. She fingered my ass and whispered into my ear to just relax. I took all of his cock that I could. Just before he came, she pulled me aside and took the load in her mouth, she turned to me and kissed me letting all of his cum drip into my mouth. He stood up and dressed while I layed there not knowing what to do. His cum was still in my mouth and she was still fingering my ass. She backed up, starpped on a dildo and rammed it deep inside me. She was inches from my face and fucking me so hard . She whispered in my ear "Cum for me Bitch". I did and she swallowed all of it.

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