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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Out Of Town Shopping

I drove about 20 miles from home to a Target. I walked straight through the panties and lingerie section as if to go on through to the mens wear section. I noticed very few people in the store and made a u-turn for the lingerie area. I noticed other men with their wives looking through the panties and bra's so I just acted normal and strolled through as well. I noticed a hot pink bra and matching thong. I searched through them from a small distance and found my size. I looked around and no one was watching. I threw them into my cart, right behind the family pack of paper towels, they make perfect cover. I went on around the aisle and into the nylon section. I picked out a jet black pair of thi-hi's and made my way to a register that had no one in it. There was an older lady that was at least in her sixties at the register. I placed the items on the counter and she began scanning them. There was no one else around and I was relieved, The lady at the checkout said "oh these are nice, are they for your wife" (I made a point of showing my wedding band.) Before I could answer, she said that she could'nt imagine her husband shopping for her. She said he would never do that. "I think it's great that you shop for your wife". Before I could say anything, she added that "If they were not for my wife, it was okay if they were for me". "As long as it feels nice, why not wear them?" I didn't know what to say, she obviously knew I was buying for myself, she winked at me as she handed me the receipt. I took the receipt and walked out with a huge hardon. I know she was old, but how many older women are that cool?

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