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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Caught Buying Panties For Me

This happened when we first moved to town about 15 years ago. I was shopping at a defunct store, Ames, and was hot for buying a couple of pairs of panties. I was in my forties, and had this urge for masturbating in panties. The panties was cheap, so I found two pairs, and bought them with other household items.As I was waiting in line, the cashier was a black women about 50, sort of a no nonsense type. She worked quickly. I placed the items on the counter, with my panties at the end. Everything was cool, until she saw the panties. For some reason, she knew that they were not for my wife but for me. It must have been my red face or maybe I was nervous. She gave me this cold look, like I was queer or something. I paid for the items but she did not say a word. I knew I was caught but the urge was great. Once I got home, I slipped downstair to my bathroom, put on the cotton bikinis and maturbated dropping a sizeable load into my hand. Since then, I have had to size up the cashiers. It seems now that they are more understanding.

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