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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: She Watched Me Shopping

I was at a thrift store looking for lingerie and found lots of sexy slips a girdle, bras and even a corset. I was putting them in my cart when I noticed a very sexy women watching me. I sorta turned red but really payed no attention as I was looking at another full slip. I noticed she was still watching and keep looking and before I noticed she was next to me looking to. I smiled said hello and keep looking. I noticed she picked up a pair of very sexy black see thru panties she held them up and I heard her say umm to big. I looked her way and she looked mine and said to me these might fit u. Well I was kinda shocked but looked at her holding them and for some reason reached for them and said they might, she smiled and said hi my names linda. I said hi my names alice oh sorry I ment allen she said oh which one are u and laughted and said allen now and laughted. She kept looking like I did and asked me if I buy my stuff here alot. I said yes its a lot easier and she said I understand. It must be hard to go into a womens lingerie dept alone, I smiled and said yes. She asked if I was married, I said no, and she asked if I had a girlfriend, I said no, she said same here. I looked at her and smiled, she seemed to have known where I was coming from. We looked a little longer and she asked me if I would like to go out for coffee and chat a little, I said sure I would love to. We checked out and I will say it was a lot easier on me with a women with me in the checkout line. We walked out she asked if I would mind stopping over at her house, I said no and we left. I followed her to her house. As I was walking up to the door she said better grab your bag so u don't loose your stuff, so I went back grabbed my bag of goodies. I no sooner got thru the door and she closed it and she turned around kissed me long and hard. I was shocked but loved it. She said lets forget the coffee I want to see u in your new lingerie. She grabbed my hand and led me to her room. It was all silk nylon lacy in there very sexy she started taking off my shirt and I was wearing panties and a garterbelt, nylons and a nylon bra under my male cloths. She started rubbing my panties and told me I looked very sexy. She had me put on a teddy then she made me lye down and took off her cloths and to my surprize she had on some sexy lingerie, nice breasts and a very nice 6 inch cock. I was surprized but very happy. She squatted over my face told me to lick her thru her panties as she reached back and rubbed me thru my panties. I pulled her big fat pussy cock out of her panties sucked on it for hours, or seemed like hours. She then layed on top of me as we kissed and she humped her hard pussy cock against me as we kissed. My hands were all over her ass and tits. I pulled her tits out of her bra sucked on them as my finger entered her sweet ass she moaned as she humped on me then came. I loved it. We still talk and we are best sex friends. She said she will help me go out dressed and pass as a very sexy lady as she says we are now lesbian lovers. She sucks a nice cock and I am learning to suck hers better too. Every man should have a women like her in there lives.

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