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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping Surprise

I always shop at stores like Catherine's or Lane Bryant as those are the only stores that carry my rather large lingerie sizes. Most of the sales clerks are friendly and just look at me with a somewhat "knowing" eye that the panties, girdles, stockings, bras, slips and camisoles are really going to be worn by me. Recently, a BBW in her late 20s-early 30s was shopping in the same store. I noticed her watching me shop for my lingerie with interest. I just kept going about my shopping as I have been watched by women who are also shopping. Most pay little or no attention. This particular day I was buying pantyhose, 3 pair of bikini cut nylon panties and a camisole. After paying the sales clerk and leaving I noticed the large young lady who had been watching me leave the store right after me. She caught up with me at my car and said "hello". She then asked me if I always shop for my wifes lingerie as she thought that was very nice of me. I am not sure why, I think I was becoming excited by this gals interest, but I told her that I was shopping for myself. She responded that she suspected I was shopping for myself. She also told me she used to date a guy who liked to where lingerie and she enjoyed having him dress up for her. She invited me over as she lived nearby to "model" for her my purchases of the day. She said it had been a long time since she saw a man in lingerie and she missed it. I agreed to model for her and followed her to her apartment. Once there she told me I could use the bathroom to change and she would anxiously await my attire. I went into the bathroom and put on my black bra and camisole, and nude color pantyhose with black bikini panties. I went back into the living room and she was not there but the door to her bedroom was closed. Just then she walked out of the bedroom dressed only in a black bra, black stockings and a black garter belt. She was a lot of woman in those skimpy things but I was really turned on by her outfit. I did not expect her to dress for me too! My cock immediately began to strain against the pantyhose and panties. She came over and pulled down my panties and began rubbing my cock through the pantyhose. I became rock hard right away. She then started to suck my dick through my pantyhose! I asked her to stop as I was already about to explode. She then asked if I had ever been fucked in the ass and I told her only by myself with a dildo. She went back into her room and came out a couple minutes later with a cock strapped on her. She told me to lay on my back and spread my legs as she was about to give me a real fucking. I was so turned on that I immediately did as I was told. She took some KY jelly and smothered the end of the strap on cock and also smothered my asshole. She then slowly slid that dick in my ass, just a little bit more each time. I could tell this was not the first time she had done this. After six or seven gentle thrusts she then started a rythym that sent me to the highest high. I could feel my cock getting hard again after almost exploding before. She then poured baby oil on my cock and started stroking. Her stroking was in rythym with her thrusts. I had never experienced anything like that feeling before. I begged her to stop as I was going to come quickly if she kept doing that. She said, "sorry, its time for you to come" and kept on stroking. I absolutely exploded all over my belly and chest....what an orgasm while she was still pumping away inside me. She then took my cum in her hand and rubbed it all over her huge boobs. Then she pulled out of my ass and made me lick the smeared cum off her huge tits. I could not believe any of this was even happening! I never expected anything like that from a fat girl, but boy did she do a number on me! I left without getting her phone number but always look for her when I shop. You just never know what to expect when shopping for lingerie.

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