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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Heel Crazy

I am not impulsive buyer, and I admit there are times I have to work very hard to discipline my self not to buy on impulse. However like a lot of rules there are often times exceptions to the rule. In my case the exception to impulse buying is all things feminine, it can be anything from a simple pair of earrings, to a pair of heels that I just have to have. And no matter how hard I try, I always give into the irresistible urge, and buckle under.
Another thing about me is, I am careful when dressing, and in particular when wearing any thing feminine out side my home. I'm not stupid, and I do not take unnecessary risks. So that's me, but like I said earlier there is always the exception to any rule.

Its early Nov. And the weather is brisk, A good day for shopping when a jacket is appropriate, because then I can get away with wearing a bra, usually with a little "A" cup filler, because a lose fitting jacket can hide the cleavage and bra line.

I like to be in the mall when the most people are there, it just gives me the little added thrill to be so feminine underneath when a lot of people are around.

Today for some reason I feel very fem and, and for me that's scary, because some times I get a little braver than usual when I feel extra fem.

Preparing for my shopping trip I have my usual bubble bath, and then just a dab of perfume. A black lacy bra, with small "A" cup fillers. Then a black garter belt with a generous amount of frills and lace. A pair of nylon plain bikini panties. The stockings are a sheer black with the seam on the back, reinforced toes and heel. The stockings are fastened to the black lace garter belt. I love putting on the stockings the feel of them crawling up my smooth legs, and stretching out my legs to fasten the garters.

A white turtle neck shirt. I had to try on two shirts before deciding on the right one. The first two were a little to heavy. I wanted a shirt just light enough to show just a slight hint of the black bra, not much, but just enough if you looked hard enough you could see a slight black bra out line.

Then the tight fitting blue denim Wrangler jeans. These were very tight and required some wiggling and tugging to get into, and my little boy clitty tucked as far under as possible. The jeans are cut just a little short, they are just about ankle length, so as to show a daring bit of stocking, of course they look like black socks at first, but when I sit and cross my legs that pulls the leg up it becomes obvious they are nylons.

I would have loved to go even further, for instance carry a purse, or some nice large earrings, but that would be going to far, so I fought off the urge.

The shoes was really a daring move. Instead of regular mens loafers, I opted for a pair of ladies loafers, blue with a really lady like bow across the top. Now out of my normally safe zone, I walk into the crowed mall. And enter McDonalds for a breakfast, crossing my legs under the table, but don't see anybody taking advantage of looking at a guy wearing nylons and women's shoes. Of course the shoes are not to obvious, you do need to take a second look if you really need to decide that are ladies shoes, but nothing occurred at McDonalds out of the ordinary.

Leaving there I headed into the mall proper and started a leisure window shopping walk. Walking passed the "Rings and Things" I ventured in and looked hard at pair of large hooped earrings, but passed on them. On further I lingered quite a while at "Victoria

The walk was wonderful, just walking and looking in all the women's shops. Then I heard a beautiful sound, oh how I love the clickity clack of a woman walking in heels, I turned and discreetly looked back, to see two ladies walking passed both in a nice pair of heels, one looked to be about four inch spikes, the other in the new inch wide heel, also about a four inch height.

I could not resist and just had to follow just to look and listen. It was a gorgeous sight and sound, I was disappointed when they turned into "Cuts and Curls" salon.

But the sight and sound of those heels did its black magic on me, and I longed to have a pair on my feet, but that was absolutely out of the question. But the thought of heels would not leave my mind, it really bugged me.

I kept on walking went into the mens room and took a good sit down pee, and thought seriously about masturbating, but forced myself to resist.

I continued my stroll, and came upon a ladies shop called "Naughty Nights" a shop specializing in sexy sleep wear. The most darling little Baby Doll caught my eye, a nice maroon with lace and frills to spare, but what really got eye, was the matching slippers with an open toe and lots of fuzz, but then OH! those four inch spiked heels, Wow! I needed them, but no I had to resist, so I kept walking.

All the time I'm walking my impulse resistance is weakening at an alarming rate. I hear the clickity clack of another pair of heels approaching, she goes right on by and I force my self not to follow. I'm getting very aroused and think I need to find a place to masturbate, and decide to go to a mens room at the far end of the mall, its not as used much and I might find enough privacy long enough to do what I have to do.

I head in that direction, but a display in a shoe shop catch's my attention, A pair of bright red open toed, heels with a high back strap, the five inch spike heels, were just irresistible, my heart was thumping in my chest so loud I thought it sounded like a base drum. I suppose under ordinary conditions they would have just been a nice pair of heels. But under the emotional stress I was under at this time, all common sense was gone and under any and all conditions I had to have those heels, and I had to have them right now!. In my delmma I needed immediate gratification and it was overpowering, and I knew with out any doubt I was going to have those shoes. And I was going to have them now!. But I had Ladies shoes on, and nylon stockings, how could I go in there and try those shoes on wearing hose and Ladies shoes. I always bought shoes online. I had never actually went to a store and tried them on.

My heart was pounding so loud I thought it would burst through my chest, those dam shoes had me going crazy, I just had to them and have them right now.

I looked inside the store, there were no customers in the shop, and just two sales girls. I tried to force my self to walk away, but my feet just wouldn't move in any direction but into the store. Throwing all caution and common sense to the wind, I suddenly found my self in the store and standing at the window display, with out even realizing it, I had the shoes in my hand, I thought I just examining them, but actually I was caressing them, with the store being empty of customers, of course a clerk was immediately at my side.

May I help you

She tried to compose her self, and finally regained her professional composure. But it was obvious she was trying to hide her amusement by covering her mouth and hurrying away. She immediately went to her co-worker, they both tried to suppress giggles and hurried to the store room.

It wasn't the first clerk that returned with the three shoes in the three size's, but her co-worker, her name tag said Holly. Holly pulled up her stool and I lifted my right foot, I looked down at her and got the feeling she was trying to avoid looking into my eyes. She lost the fight and looked up, but her eyes suddenly stopped at my chest level, another amazed looked crossed her face, it took me a minute figure out what she staring at. Then I realized she saw the black bra out line, and even noticed the small cleavage. She was rapidly losing the battle for self control. She took my foot into her hand and recognized right away it was a Ladies shoe. I felt her struggle to keep the giggle under control, when she placed her hand on my ankle she felt the smooth nylon hose, she was losing control rapidly, finally with the shoe off she was taken back by the obvious stocking's she of course noticed the seam up the back and the reinforced toe.

At this point she could no longer hold back and excused her self hurrying into the back room.

Finally she returned and apologized heavily and I said I understood perfectly well, and not to worry about it. I lied and said I'm used to it. Her co-worker Tammy was standing at the store room entrance, and fighting the giggles, every once in awhile she would lose the battle and duck into the security of the store room, only to reappear and start the battle all over again.

We tried size ten first but was to tight, next the ten and half's, they felt pretty good, but just to make sure we tried the eleven's too. I finally decided the ten and half's were just right for me. Next was to try on both shoes, they both felt comfortable, the next trick was walking in them. By this time I was getting my own composure, and getting some degree of courage. Holly strapped on both size ten and half's and with as much grace as I could muster I rose from the chair, and took the first step. Oh! They felt like I was walking on a dream they felt so good. With out giving it a second thought I started walking around the store, it was obvious to both sales girls I had plenty of experience walking in heels.

That seemed to break the ice and the tension loosened considerably as both clerks realized that I obviously was a cross dresser, they both knew of such men as me but this was their first live encounter. I was facing toward the back of store still walking in the new shoes and didn't see the two women come in, when I turned I was facing them head on, the expression on their face was golden, they just stood there in unison and gaped with their mouth's wide open. When they came to their sense's they both spun around and all but ran out the door.

Holly was now in control of her self and asked in a very professional manner if I wanted to wear them or could she put them in a box for me. Of course I would have loved to wear them out of the store and walk the mall. But that would be going way to far, I had already surpassed any thing I had ever done before. I said put them in a box please, she complied, and I hurried out into the mall.

Once in the mall with the precious package tucked under my arm I hurried, I should say nearly ran for my car. Once in the car with the door opened in order to give me enough room to change shoes, it was sheer sensual pleasure to have the shoes on, I took extra time to adjust the straps, then with great effort I resisted the urge to walk around the parking lot. That would be foolish, instead with feminine grace I swung my nylon covered legs and gorgeous shoes inside the car, the feeling was absolute and totally feminine. To add to the feeling I felt the slight tug of the garters pulling on the stockings tops.

The urge to walk was over powering, I just had to walk in these shoes, I drove around behind the mall, the back parking lot was nearly always empty, I parked at the farthest end by the park entrance.

Checking to see that no body was around, I opened the door and swung my legs out, the feeling was so delightful. Locking the car I started walking, staying very close to the car at first, then venturing further and further afield.

The click clack of the heels, the pull of garters, the feeling of the stockings, was doing things inside my panties, I could feel the wetness in my panties, and wished I had put in a panty liner, but of course I had no idea how the day would turn out.

Finally I relented, and got in on the passenger side of the car, lowering my pants and panties, (the panties were soaked with pre cum) I relieved my self, not once but twice before I could make the drive home.

Once home it was full dress up time, and I must of walked a hundred miles in circles around the tiled kitchen floor just listening to the sound of my heels on the floor, the feeling was over whelming, and I had to stop more than once to masturbate.

I did put in a panty liner, no sense staining more panties than necessary

That experience opened the door for more shopping trips and daring adventures, it was a great turn on to see the sales clerks expressions when they realized the items were for me, and when they saw what I was wearing.

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