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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Sales Rep From VS

The girls as VS are pretty smart and most are very open about men wearing panties. Christmas time About 2 years ago I walked into my local VS, and immediately was greeted by an older women (mid 50's).
She asked if I needed any help, and of course my reply was no just looking.....the next thing she said was..."are you shopping for yourself?"

I thought my insides were going to come up.

For a moment I stood there (probably looking stupid), and then without hesitation I said "well sort of"

She asked what I wanted, panties I told her that I wanted something in pink with lace around the waist and legs.

She said you must wear a small or size reply was "only because I have to...I can't find anything smaller". Well to my surprise she said wait here a moment.

About 3 minutes and 4 sales girls later....she came back with 3 pairs of panties....All Pink with lace around the waist and pair of each Bikini, String Bikini, and Thong...and all SIZE 4.

The women explained that these had been samples given to her, but decied not to order any.

It was just what I was looking for...... I asked how much they were?

She said wait a moment and I'll check......she walk over to another girl who had asked her a question.....then into the back room. After about 3 or 4 minutes she came back with a bag in her hand.

She handed me the bag and said Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy this present, but you can't open it until Christmas, and you need to be with somebody special when you do.

I looked in the bag and there was a Nicely Wrapped Box. Of Course I agreed to her request...Thanked her and walked out the door. I actually felt a little embarresed, but also felt excited about the gift.

On Christmas Morning...with somebody special I opened the box....inside were the 3 pairs of panties and a hand written card that said "Wear Them With Pride and You will Look and Feel Great.... Merry Christmas Your VS Girl.

After Christmas I went in a couple more times to thank her again, but she was never there.....I finally asked what happened to her...and was astonished to hear that...she never actually worked there........

The women was a VIP Rep from VS who just happened to be in that store that day.

A Christmas Panty Angel???????

You Decide.

The moral of this story...Don't be afraid to ask for help or something never know what you may get.

And Of Course Merry Christmas.

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