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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Big Week Of Shopping

Ok sissy's, this has been one of my bigger weeks of getting new lingerie. It started out simple enough by going to a local mall just to look. Well I looked and looked and looked. I saw plenty of things I liked and would have bought but the price's just held me back so I left and went to a clearance store and wow! I spent an hour going over 6 rows of undies and bra's three times over. I found the same panties that I saw at the mall for almost 75ff! I spent some bucks and now have increased my "sheer panties" collection by at least a dozen pair this week and after a few more trips out to other clearance stores. As always, after the sales clerk makes some sort of remark about the items I am buying, I like to tell her that the items are for me. Sometimes they don't miss a beat and other times they get a suprised look on there face.
Tonite after work I stopped and bought some new high heels, vanilla color with 4" heels. I then came home and ran a tub of hot water and proceeded to settle into the water and relax. After a while I shaved my legs and any other area that needed shaving until I was as smooth as a babys butt. After drying off I went and layed out all my lingerie and picked out what to wear for my trip over to the dry cleaners/alteration shop, I had dropped off a couple of skirts I found earlier in the week to have them hemmed up. I settled on my new white lacey garter belt and taupe colored stockings. After pulling my stockings over my toes and feet I rolled them up my smooth legs slowly until they reached the top and I hooked them up. Then, I put on a lacey white bra. Next was the hard part because I have at least two dozen pair of white panties in assorted styles that I love, to choose from. I thought my new bali high cut brief was going to be the one to wear tonite but I changed my mind and pulled on a pair of see thru high cuts that really made the outfit. wait! not so fast, I stepped out of them and slipped into a pair of Bali, sheer bikini panites. Ok, now for a nice lil white camisole and little white half slip, I'm ready for a blouse. This one is too hard to explain other than it is tight in the mid section and plenty of room for my panty filled (for boobies) bra. Now I did not put on a skirt purposely beacuse I am on my way out the door to go and pick up too freshly hemmed ones that are ready 4 days ahead of what they said they would have them ready in. So here I go, slip on a pair of work out pants and into my new heels I go and out the door.

This time of year its dark early so I'm not afraid of neighbors seeing me go out to my car. I drive to the shop about 20 minutes before closing and the daughter of the mother and daughter team is thier alone going over the days recipts. I go right in and she nows what I am there for and she spins the rack around and thier are my two new skirts. After paying her I asked if I may use the restroom so as to try on one of the skirts and see if its to my liking, she agree's and I am off to the bathroom. My throbbing 6" of man clitty is rock hard and staining against my panties by now. I picked the red skirt with over size buttons up the front and after stepping out of my pants I pulled the skirt on and it was a dream fit. I love it! I gathered up my stuff and proceeded to leave the restroom and walked out to where the sales clerk was. She new I was in there trying the skirt on but I don't think she expected me to walk out in it and show her how pleased I was with thier work. I pulled up the skirt and showed her my slip and you could see the garters holding my stockings, I told her I was so pleased that they got it just right and I spun around for her to see all. She loved it too. Before leaving I asked if they could alter a pair of panites for me also and I pulled out a pair of very sheer string bikini's that the waist band elastic was just too loose from the factory for the size that they are. She said to come back and ask her mom when she is in the store so,wohoooo! I get to go back there again.

From there I went straight to a local video store. I pulled on my pants over my skirt but left my panties stuffed into my bra and in I went. I found a new gay boys DVD to buy and I also picked out a 9" black dildo I new I would have in me before the night was over. I left these items at the counter while I went into the video booth area. I watched some she-male flicks for a while and I did take off my pants there and reahed into my bra a few times to change my panties. After a while I walked out and got my bag of things from the sales guy and walked the 50 or so feet to the rear door of the place knowing all were looking at me, I felt so good in all my undies and smooth shaved legs and high heels.

Driving home I can't help but pull my cock out from beneath my panties and stroke on it hard. I stop at a light and there is a woman in the car next to me and she has no idea I am totally dressed and have my throbbing cock out and am stroking it while I look at her. I stopped at a McDonalds and drove thru and bought soda to take home. When I got home I checked the neighbors homes and made sure I had a clear shot at getting to my front door without being caught. Now sissy's, you know what happened as soon as I got in the door and got my new 9" of black cock out of the bag, oh baby! well sissy's, until next time, treat yoursleves well, take care.

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