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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Maximum Pleasure Lingerie Department

Panties feel sooooo good!
To wear girls panties is to enter a warm zone of constant, all-day erotic pleasure. The pleasure of choosing, from amongst a wonderful, large and varied collection of soft, feminine, pretty, silky, shiny, satin panties is the best way to start the day. Gently, slowly, sliding them up your legs, revelling in the sensation of having your balls and cock and buttocks lovingly and gently clasped by all that girly sexiness is just heaven. And to be snugly encased in satin and lace panties is to know that a cock-busting, sperm-spurting, panty-wetting and intensely pleasurable orgasm is not too far away.

Where is the best place to get panties? Well, you often read about panty-drawer raiding and it is true that on the rare occassions it happens it is extremely exciting. But, the risks of getting caught are high, as is the risk of upsetting other people, which I don't hold with. Many panty-related web sites carry stories of panty perverts being caught raiding the bedroom or the laundry basket, an event which is invariably followed by an intensely sexual panty experience with aunty/mother-in-law/live in lodger. Well, it's never happened to me, but I really hope all those stories are true, even if some of those stories are fun fantasies.

No, for me, the place to get of panties is simple: head for the shops. If you are too embarrassed to try, believe me, it is so easy. A (female) friend of mine worked in the lingerie department of a major shop on Oxford Street in London and she says (not knowing that I was absolutely fascinated by her every word) that loads of men buy female underwear, presumably for wives or girlfriends. Of course, what she and all the other shop assistants don't realise that in amongst that innocent crowd of men there are the true panty fetishists, such as you and I, who are not simply out to buy some oh-so-so sophisticated lingerie for St. Valentines Day, but are in fact in a state of advanced sexual excitement choosing and buying the most heart-stoppingly erotic items on the planet: GIRL'S SEXY PANTIES! I am a little bit sceptical about all the stories we read about knowing glances from shop assistants which seems to lead onto to an amazing sexual get off. In all the years I've shopped for panties I have never seen even the faintest glimmer of interest from shop staff. Truth is, they are far to busy or bored or exhausted to think about entering into any kind of dangerous liason with a complete stranger. No, no, no!, not true, their minds are far away dreaming up delicious panty-sex games for their boy friends/husbands, that's why they're so remote. Yes, that's better.

So, take heart, and get shopping; it's the most exquisitely pleasurable way to spend Saturday afternoon, just languidly wandering through several large shops, browsing, choosing and buying deliciously sexy panties, each and every one of which will be used for intense, marathon masturbating seessions. Here's how I do it:

I tend to choose somewhere quite far from home, so there's no risk of bumping into friends/acquaintances - you need to be completely relaxed and ready to enjoy. Choose a budget, and then be prepared to double it. If necessary save up for few weeks or even a couple of months until you feel comfortable that you can afford a really good panty-shopping expedition. So, don't aim to buy one or two, but push out the boat, live a little, aim for a dozen, no, make that two dozen panties, or even thirty or forty wonderful, soft, sexy girls panties. My record was 55 pairs in one trip, cost about

I love to dress for the occasion: slip or camisole, garter belt and stockings and snug but comfortable and very silky panties. Now, here's the bit that will really get you going: haven't you often wondered how lovely it would be to be able to cum right there in the middle of all that lovely lingerie? You know you can't play with yourself (remember, this is all real, not a fantasy, so the shop girls aren't going to throw themselves at you begging you to ejaculate over their satin-clad butts in the changing room). You'll soon have an erection once you are into a serious and detailed browsing session, so what to do? Well, I love to enhance the whole experience by using a remote control cock-vibrator. Put the controller in your pocket (a jacket is more discrete than trousers as people might think you are up to something), fresh batteries and hey-presto, at the touch of a button you can enjoy a really sexy buzz right there in panty-land and no one is any the wiser. And yes, you can easily make yourself come, but we'll come to that, don't rush things.

I normally go into the toilets to make sure all my lingerie in neatly in place, stockings pulled up, all the lace trim neat and tidy. Then I put the cock-vibe in place, give it a discrete buzz or two to make sure its all working. Sometimes I also use an anal vibe, but these are more problematic as they tend to pop out when you are walking; on the whole I find them more of a distraction but it is probably worth experimenting with different shapes to find one that is a) comfortable b) stays put and c) is powerful enough. At the moment I haven't got this sorted.

So, the fun begins. Heart starting to pound, palms slightly moist, I emerge into the shopping centre. The shop guide shows a bunch of good targets, normally large national-chain department stores that you know always keep a really good choice of panties.

On a mega panty shopping trip I like to off-load each batch of panties back in the car, so I'm not encumbered with bags, cool off, maybe stop for a coffee, and then start all over again. A large shoppimng centre may have as many as a dozen shops worth visiting, some a richer goldmine than others. In some shops you may only find a pair or two you like, others maybe more, but relax and enjoy it all the same. Only we true panty fetishists know that the real fun is to be had at home! The check out is a place to be enjoyed, not endured. As I said, I would never try on anything suspicious, but you can hardly help noticing the lingerie that the women shoppers are buying, and getting a good eyeful of their panties is a fine way to pass the two or three minutes in the queue. And so all the panties go on the counter to be de-tagged, checked in and bagged up. A minute or two or later, the bill's paid and they're all yours to take home to enjoy!

Leaving the best until last, I enter the shop I know will have biggest and best choice of panties (this is where experenece pays off!) - frequently not the most expensive place in town, by the way. Into the shop, I find the store map and locate lingerie, normally a floor or two up. Heart is now starting to race, my cock is growing, nestling in its little soft satin panty-pouch. Emerging from the escalator on to the right floor I scan the horizon, hand slipping discretely to the vibe-control. I love to give my self a little buzz as I spy, across the sales floor that most longed-for sight - rack after rack of lingerie, all on full public display and mine to have. Looking as casual as I can I advance across the shop and a few moments later enter panty paradise: there are literally thousands to choose, in all shapes, stlyes, materials and colours.

Gently pulsing the cock-vibe I wander through, eyes scanning left and right, rejecting boring and fusty foundation undergarments with steel reinforced support, giant granny-knickers, sensible cotton underpants - no, not the thing at all. And then, around the corner, my heart leaps into my mouth because there I have come a across a whole wall display unit stuffed with wonderful, orgasmic, girly, silky and shiny, satin panties. Now my cock is going rapidly from half mast to full power, I might even have to a do a little discrete rearranging to keep everything comfy 'downstairs'

This is the heavenly moment: taking panties off the rack, feeling the silkiness, checking the style for masturbation comfort, taking in the sexy details: the embroidered panels, the lace inserts, the little pearl and ribbon details, imagine rubbing my cock with them for hours on end, fantasise about squirting thick ribbons of cum all over them...pass the test? OK, check the price, 5.99, hmmmm, not bad, not bad at all. What colours do they do these in? Well let's see, there's white, black, cream, pink and a pretty pale blue. OK, hands trembling, (I back off the cock vibe because we don't want any little squirty accidents do we, not yet at least?) I start to assemble a full set of colours, oh god this is such pleasure, and I've only just begun in here, and I've already got bags full of panties back in the car - how good can this get!.

Here are some more, bikini style, full back, little side straps and only

I move on to the next display - a more sophisticated area, with matching bras and panty sets (ignore the bras), a slightly more generous cut, bound to be very comfortable, with lots of lacy detail. Quite pricey at

Minutes pass, maybe 10 or 15 as I browse up and down, sorting through the racks of panties. Let's think. Suppose there are 25 panties on eack rack, and each island display unit five racks on each of four sides, that, tum-te-tum, ho-hum, fuck me, 500 panties on each display unit and there are six of those makes, oh my god, 3,000 panties!!! I might have to spend all day in here, becuase that doen't include the wall-mounted displays, which tend to be more bra and panty sets than just pure panties.

I pause to review, pulse the vibe to keep my cock hard but not yet explosive. Both hands are full, so that must be about 30 or 40 pairs - somebody arrest me! Average price of

And now for the really outrageous bit. When you've loaded up with a really outrageous choice of panties, it's time to put your cock vibe to its very best use. You can do this yourself, and I really, really recommend you do, because for the true panty fetishist, this is a glimpse of paradise. Choose your pay desk carefully, take care to find the prettiest shop assistant, even join the back of a queue if necessary. Cock-vibe gently buzzing on minimum, I advance to the check-out, my heart pounding again, my cock stiff, bulging at my trousers but I discretly hide that by casually holding all the panties in front of my groin (yes please!). At last, my balls tightening and my buttocks tingling, I reach the head of the queue, I put all on the panties on the counter, in full view of the shop girls - don't worry, they never bat an eyelid, just enjoy the perverted pleasure of the moment.

And as the shop girl sorts through the panties, taking off the security tags, and checking the prices in, I give the cock-vibe full power! Oh fuck me, that feels so good, so unstoppably, relentlessy sexy, right there in my panties, in the panty department, with all my panties on the shop counter, in front of all the other customers, and the shop girls has got such pretty hands as she sorts through my panties and I can see the lacy outline of her bra through her blouse and my cock is so stiff and I'm going to come, I'm going to come, I know I'm going to come, I can feel the point of no return building, I can feel it building now, unstoppable pressure, my cock is so hard it's fit to burst, I forward on to the counter as my knees start to buckle, my eyes locked on the panties in what I vaguely hope looks like half-disinterest, (probably more likely a manic pervert's stare but at this point I'm past caring) and the noise in the shop seems to fade away as my orgasm rushes over me and I lose all control, pumping great squirts of cum into my panties, squirting, squirting, squirting, my legs shaking almost uncontrollably, my panties soaked with hot creamy last,...the pleasure waves start to fade...I squeeze out a few more drops of cum that even now has so flooded my panties with sperm as to be trickling down my thighs to my lacy stocking stops...the ecstasy subsides, my legs sort of come back under control, I slip my hand into my pocket and shut the cock-vibe down and slowly stand upright.

"That'll be

I clumsily pay her, in cash, there's no way I'm going to try to sign my name on a credit card slip in my shaken state. A quick transaction with the cash register, and two carrier bags, bulging-full with GIRL'S PANTIES is all mine to take home and do exactly what I wish with.

And believe me, all this is true, I do this sort of thing quite regularly! Checkout my personal gallery 'Panty Shopping' or email me at So, the question remains, when are YOU going to cum in the lingerie department?!

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