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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Trying On Clothing In A Store

Sunday I finally got up the nerve to ask to try on some clothing in a store. I went to a Lane Bryant store and hoped to work up the courage to try something on. Unfortunately, it was fairly busy and I "chickened out". I did buy a lovely lavender camisole that was very similar to one I'd bought before. (The first one was pink.)
I went down the hall to a small lingerie store. There was only one clerk, an attractive lady about 25 years old, and no customers. When I walked in she asked if I needed some help and I told her I was "just looking". I spent some time looking around the store and she asked me a couple more times whether I needed some help. After about 20 minutes I'd looked at many things and picked out a garter belt and panties. As I looked at some camisole/tap pant sets she asked me if I was looking for something for my wife. I choked out a meek "yes". From my voice I was sure she could tell that wasn't true.

As I looked at the sets she occassionally looked over at me with a warm smile. After finding a set in pale green I walked over to her a weakly asked "would it be possible for me to try something on?"

"Of course," she replied, with great sincerity in her voice. I entered the dressing room and slipped off my pants and shirt, leaving me standing there in my pink camisole and pink lacy panties. It was such a thrill!!! Then I heard a male voice, a security guard from the mall came in to chat with the clerk. I almost panicked. The dressing room door was open at the bottom and not all that tall. I was afraid he would look over and be able to see the top of my head and tell I was a guy! But he left in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately the cami/pants set was too small. As I left the dressing room, she gave me another reassuring smile and asked if they fit ok. I told her it was too small. She told me those sets ran small and suggested I try a larger size.

I looked and couldn't find a green set in the larger size, but found a pale peach set that was the size I wanted, and another set I thought I'd try. I went back into the dressing room and tried on the peach set. As I undressed I heard the security guard come in again, then a female customer entered. I went ahead and tried on the two sets and they fit great, but I was still panicked as I put my boyclothes back on.

The guard left in a couple of minutes and I somewhat meekly left the dressing room. The woman wasn't looking my way as I walked over to the counter to pay for my purchases. The clerk was so nice as she rang up the sale. When she gave me my change I handed her a $5 bill and asked if she would please take that for being so kind to me. She was very gracious as she accepted it. She gave me a sweet smile as she handed me my bag and said she hoped I enjoyed my purchases.

I will alway be thankful that my first experience was with a clerk so kind and reassuring. It was such a thrill! I have to admit I can hardly wait to go try on some more clothes, and maybe to go back and thank that young lady for making me feel more accepted for being a crossdresser. She's the first person besides my wife to know for sure I was buying clothes for me. I've had others that seemed to suspect, but they never knew for sure.

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