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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Fantastic Moment

As a frequent shopper of Victoria's Secret, I have 4 stores within my 50 mile area of shopping. Today I was at my the VS closest to my home because I had just gotten a postcard for a free pair of panties. This time the sales clerk was a tad bit older then the college girls who normally work there. This clerk never saw me before that I know of and was maybe in her mid to late 40's, and I being 56, she may of felt comfortable waiting on me. Anyways As I walked in, this sale lady asked me how she can help me, I told her I had a card for free panties. Her next question was directed in reference to me. She asked what size I wore, I told her that I prefer the hi-cut in large. At no time did she "Assume" the panties were for anyone other then me. After I told her that I wanted beige, she asked if there was anything else. I told her that yes I was interested in the new IPEX bra. She took me over to the display and proceeded to tell me how she was wearing one as we spoke. She showed me the varus display colors and showed me how the materal was lighter and more comfortable, that she has been wearing one for the past week. I almost wanted to ask her to model it for me but common sense told me not to. I did buy a new bra to match my free panties.

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