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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Mall Trip

Just got back from the mall this evening and I wanted to share this with you all...
First of all, I had to figure out what to wear. I knew I was planning on trying to let my panties show from under my pants, so I went with a cute pair of Victoria's Secret pink plaid cotton panties with the signature waistband. I love showing those sig wastbands off! Then I had to choose my pants. I recently bought a pair of girls stretch jeans with no pockets and a back zip; but I was kind of afraid to wear them to the mall. So I pulled out a pair of my mens jeans with a hole in the back pocket and laid them out on the bed next to the girls jeans. I picked a black sweatshirt that's a little small for me, but it's perfect to wear for occasions like this, since it always tends to ride up in the back which allows for some nice panty exposure. Then I started to pull on the mens jeans - but I stopped myself. Those girls jeans are so cute - and clearly feminine with no pockets and the side tie laces on the front and zip in the back. So I figured what the hell - and I put them on.

When I first got to the mall, I was kind of scared. Being a Friday night, I figured it would be kind of crowded - but it wasn't too bad. Probably because of the holiday, I guess. Anway, I parked near the Sears and went in that entrance. Afraid of being seen by too many people right away, I knid of hid behind displays and clothing racks as I walked through - until I got to the mall entrance. I took a deep breath and walked into the mall. I should say that while I get a bit of a thrill knowing that girls could see me in my girlie jeans and maybe get a glimpse of my panties sticking out the back - I really get nervous around guys at the mall - particularly groups of loud teenage guys. But I managed to walk through the mall for a little while mostly unnoticed by anyone. Then I got on an escalator in front of two cute girls, probably about 16 or 18 or so. I was about a step or two above them, so when they looked forward and up, my behind was probably clearly in their view. I reached back to scratch my back, pulling up on my sweatshirt at the same time and reaching behind to roll it up a little so it would stay. Then I heard their conversation stop and some distinct giggling, gasps and even an "Oh my god!". I stepped off the escalator and by then, the giggling had given way to all out laughter! They stayed behind me for a few paces and then ducked into the Mandee's store just past the escalator and as I looked back, I could see them clearly laughing and pointing at me. Embarrassing, but I loved it! I circled around as they were coming out of the store and they saw me again, this time they were walking toward me, making eye contact with me and laughing right in front of me! I was so loving this! As they passed me, I thought it was over, but then I heard them call out to some friends who must have been behind me. "Come here, look look!" Then more giggling and laughing. I stopped and turned around and walked toward the now 5 teenage girls who were laughing at me. I looked at them and smiled as I walked passed them, prompting more giggles. I was really hoping they might follow, or say something like "cute panties", but alas, that was the end.

Since I was at the mall, I had to check out the Victoria's Secret store. I walked in and was greeted with a friendly "Hello, can I help you?", though I casually declined, saying I was just looking around. I was checking out the cotton panties when another girl came up and asked if I needed a particular size. I did - XL, and she pointed out the drawers below the counter. XL was on the bottom. Of course, I knew all that already - having shopped at this VS many times before. I picked out 5 panties, rather uneventfully - but kept looking around the store. I found the Body By Victoria panties, which were now also in XL, so I picked out 3 pair. One was kind of similar to one of the cotton ones I had, so I went back to switch the pair. This time, the cute young sales girl was behind me as I bent down to the XL drawer and I heard her chuckle as I was looking over the panties. She went up to a co-worker and whispered something to her and they both started laughing. Then she came back with a huge grin on her face and asked me how I was doing. I had found everything I wanted and was ready to check out, so she sent me over to the Beauty side of the store to pay. As I was walking over, a third sales girl joined the other two and I could see them in the mirror staring at me and laughing.

I've never really gotten that response at that VS store before. For a while, there was a sales girl who recognized me when I came in and was very helpful. I guess she's gone now - and though I miss the recognition factor, I have to say that being laughed at in the store by the 3 cute sales girls was excellent. There were 2 people ahead of me in line and while I was waiting, I could still see and hear the 3 girls laughing. Maybe it wasn't at me - but I hope it was.

All in all, a great trip to the mall. Lots of laughs, and 8 new pairs of panties!

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