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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: First Dildo

I had an interesting experiance today. I decided to go to an Adult Book Store that just opened in my neighborhood. This store had items in it that had never been "allowed" in Texas stores before.
I started off looking at the magazines and fantasy novels. I saw a man enter the store. The guy went to the rack right across from me. At first, I didn't really pay attention to him. However, when I moved around to the other side of the rack, he watched me. Since I had never been to this store before, I didn't know I had just moved to the BI DVDs. Not being bothered by this, I began to read the descriptions. I noticed he was once again on the same aisle. This time right next to me.

I stayd there for a few minutes. Since he was also looking at the covers, I decided I would try to get up the nerve to ask him "something". Maybe what he thought,or had he seen any of them, etc. As I turned toward him, he walked out of the store real quick.

What I had not noticed was, another guy was really staring at my butt. I realized he could see my panty lines. He flushed when he saw me looking back at him. I moved over to the toys. I wanted to check out the dildos/dongs, as I had only seen them in catalogs.

They are packaged well. So i started checking them out. I was getting a hard on thinking about what it would feel like inside me. I kept squating down to get to the strap-ons. By this time, the waist band of my lavender nylon lace panties was showing. And that guy was behind me again. As I stood up, and turned to head toward the register, he lightly "bumped" into me and copped a feel.

I was very tempted to pursue it, but I was already supposed to be meeting my wife for lunch. I paid for my new dildo, went to leave, and he smiled and winked at me. He had a really nice sized buldge in his pants.

After lunch, my wife went back to work. I got home and pulled out my new toy. I had a good time fantasizing it was his cock sliding in and out of me.

I think I will have to do some more shopping there in the near future.

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