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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Swimsuit Shopping

So I was brave today. I decided to go to the mall and buy a swimsuit. I got up this morning, took a shower, and got dressed in women's lei jeans. I had a pair of Vassarette panties on. I put on a tight sweather jacket. I drove to the mall. and after driving around for 10 minutes looking for a good spot to park where I wouldn't be seen by too many people on the way in, I found a parking spot. I don't usually dress in public, and although this wasn't too extreeme, it was identifiably sissywear for a guy. I was obviously nervous. My heart was beating fast. I had warm, sweaty palms. I sat in the car another few minutes gathering my nerve. Someone pulled in right next to me. I waited it out. People kept pulling in every 10 seconds or so. My nerves were through the roof. The parking lot was empty at 15 to 11 am. But it was filling kinda quick. Then someone pulled in behind me in a mini van. Without thinking, I opened the door and stepped out. My heart was racing at this point, but I was actually beginning to calm down. The hard part was pushing myself out into the parking lot.
I walked into the mall, going through Nordstroms to the swimsuit shop. It's called Everything But Water. It was just a little bit down from Nordstroms. I have never gotten the nerve to walk into that store before. I've wanted to for years now. But this time I was determined. The funny thing is that no one really batted an eye at what I was wearing. I got to the store, and plunged in. LOL I remember while walking there to trying to sway my hips a little and walk a little slower like a girl might.

Once I got into the store, I was a little more relaxed. I was in the sanctuary of the store. I'm sure not many guys go in there. I was in a bit of a comfort zone. There was 1 other customer in the store. She came out of the dressing room to get an opinion from the saleswoman. I tried not to "check her out." I didn't want to gawk. I was in their territory so to speak, so I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I started looking around. The saleswoman asked if I needed any help. I said I was looking for a swimsuit, and I'd have to look around a bit. I asked if I could try it on. She said sure. So I looked around a bit, looking for something fun and feminine looking. The customer's friend came in, kinda looked at me once but paid her attention to her friend in the dressing room.

After I picked a few different styles, I needed to ask the saleswoman a question. But the two customers were making their purchase. I looked a little as I waited. I heard a giggle, and heard the saleswoman say "no, I can't. I could get fired for that." I don't know what they were talking about, but I looked over at them. One of the customers was looking at me. I moved myself to a different area closer to the register. It sounded like the customer was trying to haggle for a deal. I don't know if that's really what was going on though, cause her friend started to play it up a bit much. "oh don't give in... she's always trying to get a deal." Oh well, I wanted to ask the clerk a question, so I was anxious for them to leave.

When they were done, the clerk looked up at me, and said I could just go in and use a fitting room. I said no, I had a question. I asked what size tops she thought I would need. She made a guess... and then found the sizes, and put me into a room. Other customers were in the store at this point, and were heading into the fitting room too. I picked three different suits to try on. But each had a few different styles of tops and bottoms. Oh, and I love one pieces, so I took one of those in with me as well.

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