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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Asking To Try Them On

I was traveling a couple of weeks ago and actually had some time to myself. It doesn't happen often, but I had a couple of hours and went to a large mall with major stores not in my area. I found a great ruffle thong, but in a brand that I have only worn once. And those panties were larger than other brands I usually buy. So I was doubtful about buying these. I left the store and wandered around for about 20 minutes. I really wanted those panties, but they were a bit expensive. Finally, I went back to the store and picked up 2 sizes and went to the counter. I told the clerk the panties for me, but was concerned about the size. I told her the only experience I had with that brand was the sizing was large and I wanted to know if I could try them on. She was surprised, but just said "why not" and pointed in the direction of the fitting rooms. I tried on both pair and selected the ones that fit best. I took them to the counter and she asked if the panties fit. I assured her they were fine and made my purchase. She just wished me a nice day. That was the first, and only, time I have asked to try on panties in a store. I doubt I would have ever done it with out reading about others experiences. Not sure I will make it a habit, but in the future if I have doubts about the fit, I will ask to try them on.

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