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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: How Fun It Was

I have two stories to share with you. They are both true and they happened today. I am a habitual thrift store shopper, if I have the time I will hit every thrift store in town (13 last count) anyway I only had time for two today so I went to the Salvation Army stores. Now the first story I digging through the lingerie bin and had a handful of bras and some panties, an older woman taps me on the shoulder and says "your wife is lucky to have you, most men wouldn't be caught dead looking at lingerie let alone buying it" and I said "she would be lucky if I had a wife these are for me" I guess that took her by surprise because all she could say was "I bet you look good in them". Then she just walked away.
The second story happened at the second Salvation Army store I was picking out skirts and I picked out a leopard print mini skirt and this woman not bad looking but not great says to me "I was going to buy that skirt but it is the wrong size" I just smiled and kept browsing. Then she yells to her friend "He's getting my skirt" Later on I have a handful of clothes and am now looking through the lingerie rack picking up bras and looking at the tags for my size. (36a or b) she comes up to me and holds out a top that matches the skirt and askes me" am I shopping for my girl friend will this fit her?" I said no I am shopping for me and it looks like it will fit" I look at the tag and sure enough it is my size so I take it from her. After that she says "there is a sexy dress over there that you might like" so I went to where she pointed and found the dress but it was the wrong size. I was still browsing when she walked up to me with some clothes that were my size and held them up to me and whistles and says "oh these will look great on you" which they do by the way as I did buy them. Unfortunatly her friend was through shopping and they left before I could ask her out or get her number or give her mine. I was so thrilled to find a woman that was open minded enough to help me shop. That I was very relaxed with her and not my usual antisocial self that I was going to ask her out. Now all I can hope for is to see her again at the store. I know chances are I will never see her again but one can only hope.

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