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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: TripTo Victoria's Secret

I first got interested in bras and panites in high school by wearng my moms. I didnt really like the idea of wearing my moms so as soon as I could drive I bought my own. I got my first at Target, a 3 pack of Gilligan O'Malley satin bikinis. I continued to shop at department stores until i got to college, thats when I fell in love wiht Victoria's Secret.
My first trip to Victoria's Secret was last winter. I went to an old mall around wear live, wear no one goes and bought a pair of satin boxers. After a few months I got up the nerve to go again a try something on. I went to another newer mall where I didnt know anyone either. I spent about an hour there trying on bras (my favorite) with the help of the manager, probably in her 40s. She was very helpful and understanding the whole time.

A few months later I hear of a new lingere store opening near my home called Inner-Self, I would recommend it to anyone. I went there acting like I thought I needed a bra because I am a little overweight and have breasts. I was really nervous but the salsegirl helped me and mesured me for a bra (42 B) I tried on a lot but didnt get anything because nothing fit and everything was real expensive.

The best experience was at Victoria's Secret. I went back to the first one I had shopped at this past winter. It is very small, (the smallest ive been in) and I walked around and looked at everything several times, while the salesgirls asked if I needed any help. I said no everytime, and acted like I was shopping for my girlfriend. I got really nervous then left, but when I got to my car I realized that I had nothing to be nervous about, and I was going back in! When I got back in I told the salesgirls that I left my wallet in the car. Then I got up the nerve to tell them I was shopping for myself. They seemed very excited, and asked what I was looking for. They told me the bra I picked out was a grandma bra and I need one cute and sexy. They told me all about the bras they were wearing and picked out severl they thought I would like. Then they asked me if I wanted to try them on. While I was trying them on they kept checking in on me and brinng me more. One girl saw me in the bra and told me how cute it was. After trying on probably 7 bras I settled on the Very Sexy Push-up. They told em if I spent $50 I could get a free make up kit. I didnt really care for that because I only wear lingere, not anything else, and I only wear it while im at home. So anyway I bought the matching panty so I could get the lipstick. They even talked me in to an Angels Card that I never activated. I went back in during their sale and one of the girls recognized me and asked if I needed any help. I said no and left quickly because too many people were in the store.

I hadnt gone back until last Monday when I went to redeem my Free Panty that I got a card for in the mail. I was going to try on the IPEX bra because you could get $5 off if u did so. I didnt becasue the shop got really busy, I just got my free panty and left.

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