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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Hanes Outlet

I was at a Hanes, Bali outlet last week. I had never been to this particular store though I have enjoyed the friendly shopping experience at many of their other stores. I approached the only clerk in the store (a very pretty young lady who was probably a college student) and told her that I was looking for nylon full-brief panties. She led me to a rack and pointed out and described their "FreeForm" and "Skimp Skamp" panties. Then she started taking me across the store while saying "we also have the Hanes nylon briefs that come in 5 packs". She then suddenly stopped walking, looked at me apologetically and said "oh, but those have a lace waistband". I quickly replied "no, that wouldn't be good" and we walked back to the Bali rack. She then took a size 8 pair of the "Free Form" panties off the rack, held it up and said "I guess you wear about a size 8" I replied "I'm a 7 or 8 depending on style". "those look rather large, do they run large?" She said "no, they are just very full-cut". I then asked if I could use the dressing room. She said "of course, I'll open one up for you". I gathered up four pair to try on and went to the dressing room. After a few minutes I emerged, returned three pair to the rack and carried the tags from the new pair I was now wearing along with the lime green nylon briefs that I had been wearing to the register. There was a line of women waiting to checkout with "my friend" and then a second clerk (older woman, probably the mgr.) arrived and started also checking people out. Luckily I ended up with "my friend" who took the tags and my money, put the tags in a bag and handed it open to me so that I could put my "old panties" into it. She had very little to say at this point other than thank you. She may have been inhibited by her boss being next to her.

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