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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: First Trip With GF

My girlfriend and I went on our first shopping trip together. I speant way more than I planned as I was just to excited like a kid a candy store.
We both bought panties, pantyhose, stockings, skirts, shoes to share and for each other. We rushed home because neither of us could wait to try everything on.

I have gone out shopping by myself before, and have been a nervous wreck, and have chickened out of walking up to the cashier. I have to say with her, it totally relieved every ounce of stress and nervousness that I have had going solo. In fact it gave me the confidence to go out and do more shopping solo. In this experience I realized, though people might glance at a man walking through the womens department and shifting through the racks of clothes, pretty much no one paid me any mind when I wondered off by myself to browse on my own. And this was during prime time tonight in Marshall's & Target (The stores were crowded as I don't know what).

I would typically go solo early in the morning when stores were empty, but I think now it may be better when the stores are incredibly crowded, there is so much activity no one has time to pay you mind and go on a bout their own shopping frenzy.

I did find a bra that can be adjusted at around the chest by about an inch which was great to adjust not only the straps and the chest part too!!!! It definitely compensates for possibly getting a size too small, etc.

Now we're sitting dressed up together like we are too bad ass broads ready for a killer night on the town. I don't feel up to puting all the make up and wig on to try to go out, and I don't know if she's ready for that, but sitting here at home dressed to from the neck down to kill is such a joy with her. It's even quite a turn on for her, which in turn is getting me turned on.

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